Posted by: Jerry Garrett | January 18, 2010

Royal Caribbean to Cougars: Welcome Aboard!

Cougars Ahoy! Royal Caribbean's Mariner of the Seas to host Second International Cougar Cruise May 16-23

Berths are available for as little as $487 per person on the May 16-23 sailing of Royal Caribbean’s Mariner of the Seas, out of Los Angeles for seven nights in Mexico.

Why should you care? If you are a woman of a certain age, interested in men of a certain – let’s say “lesser” – age, you are about to get lucky! It’s the Second International Cougar Cruise!

Inspired by the best-selling book

The inaugural International Cougar Cruise, inspired by Valerie Gibson’s best-selling book, “Cougar”, was held last month on a Carnival Cruise Line ship. The cruise proved so popular the organizers, a California-based travel agency – Singles Travel Company, couldn’t wait to schedule the next one.

Trouble is, the first one proved to be such a romp that Carnival said, “No!” to their ships being used for any more cougar fests. Carnival was so emphatic about it, they issued a press release expressing their disgust, although they didn’t get into specifics about what triggered their reaction.

But Royal Caribbean has no qualms with welcoming Cougars aboard. So, they are even upping the ante a bit, offering a seven-night cruise. The Carnival Elation orgy was limited to a three-day itinerary; the San Diego – Ensenada itinerary followed, ironically, the original “Love Boat” routing made famous by the eponymous television show.

Carnival: Not Elated

What’s wrong with a little (or a lot) of love and lust between older women and younger men? “We have no reason to deny this group the opportunity to sail on our ship,” Royal Caribbean spokeswoman Cynthia Martinez told USA TODAY.  “We assume this group will follow our guest conduct policy, just like any other guest.  We have no reason to think otherwise.”

(Theme cruises are popular money-makers for cruise lines, and have catered to many special interest groups including gay and lesbian cruisers, Harley-Davidson riders, religious groups and even nudists.)

A spokeswoman for Singles Travel Company said the response for the cougar cruise was unprecedented, requiring the hiring of extra employees to handle the volume of interested would-be cougars (and, one presumes, their “prey”). The last cruise had a “waiting list” for cougar cabins.

It must be good news indeed that Royal Caribbean’s Mariner has a larger capacity – up to 3,114 passengers. And so far, there is space available; interested parties can book through the agency, or directly with the cruise line. You need not be a cougar or boy toy to get abroad this love boat.

The Mariner will also call at better party ports – such as Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. Plus there will be some days spent entirely “at sea”.

Organizers promise a full range of cougar-themed onboard activities, to wile (pun intended) away the long hours on the rhythmic, rolling seas (sorry, I couldn’t help myself on that one).

Jerry Garrett

January 18, 2010


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  2. Can you imagine the outrage if the genders were reversed? Can you imagine an Old Geezers Seeking Sweet Things Cruise? Yuck. Talk about a double standard…

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