Posted by: Jerry Garrett | October 28, 2010

Have You Seen John Malkovich’s Pink Pig?

Have you seen this pig?

Have you seen this pig?

The pig has not been seen since about midway through the movie, “RED”.

That was when Marvin Boggs (John Malkovich) announces ominously, “I’m getting’ the pig,” and removes a large-caliber automatic weapon from a secret compartment in the pig’s intestines and blows up a Coldwell Banker real estate lady. Actually a bullet from Mr. Boggs’ weapon collides with a rocket-propelled grenade fired by the real estate agent, and, well, you’ve got to see the movie. (Even if you do, I’m warning you, I can’t promise that the plot will make any more sense.)

Now, if I can just figure out what weapon was in the pig’s belly…

To check out filming locations, behind-the-scenes information, and other interesting (hopefully) tidbits, just scroll down (it’s the next story back in my blog), or click on my “Ten Secrets Behind the Filming of Bruce Willis’ RED” movie.

(By the way, I now own the pig. I bought it on eBay!)

Jerry Garrett

October 28, 2010



  1. Hi – Where can I buy the Pink Pig? I cannot find it anywhere. Who is the manufacturer?

    • More research is needed. Someone cut the tags off!

    • Hey guys, sorry my boyfriend have just bought the original one from and now it is sitting on my bed. *evil laughter*. It is real and I cannot believe it!!!! I love it!

      • I hope you treat this traumatized pig with love and respect. It needs to be reassured after the violent experience it had. Our readers will want to know what brand it is, so they can perhaps buy a similar one?

  2. Can you provide who you bought the pig from on ebay that I could find out if they have any others or can advise who the manufacturer is?

    • The pig-seller on eBay had only the one. The tags were very professionally trimmed off. I am attempting to contact the prop department at the studio to see if they can provide any additional clues as to the pig’s provenance.

  3. I’m sorry to disenchant you, but your pig is not THE pig.

    • HoneyBaked called, Marvin, they want their ham back. Just it let go and nobody gets hurt. Oh, wait, that might not be a win-win for the pig.

  4. Mary,

    Out of curiousity, how much was it? Also would you be willing to sell it as I am looking for perfect xmas gift for wife.

  5. Hey all don’t worry Pig’s in good hands. I’m planning to get a glass box for him and place silica gel all around him. Hey Kevin it cost USD500. Sorry I can’t sell it, it was a gift to me (but very sweet of you to give it as a gift to your wife, she’s very lucky to have you). I’m not sure if they make similar ones. What i have is the real thing: soiled and his eyes had scratch marks. It also includes the certificate of authencity with the official seal.His tail is the zip. The tag has been removed.I’m impressed with their tailor work.

  6. Do you know where I can buy a pink pig like that? I kept checking ebay but never saw it listed. I really want one for soeone who retired after 31 years in the Army for a christmas gift

    • I am checking! I will let you know. No pig left behind.

  7. Thanks. He made it through Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Panama, and Operation Iraqi Freedom as well as some other “off the books” stuff… much of it in SOF… he’s definately RED and really needs a pig like this 🙂

  8. I am just interested in an imitation. Any info on where I can get a pig??? Thanks for any help !!

  9. I love that pig. I think one of my favorite scene’s in the whole movie is Marvin standing in the airport holding it by the tail looking all dejected. I want one so bad, or even maybe just the picture. My 17 year old son thinks I’m nuts that I get so excited about “the pig”

  10. Well, for the blogger’s info, the gun that was pulled out of the pig was an m203 grenade launcher on a tactical folding stock. M203 launchers are iconic and found underneath m16 machine guns, such as the one Arnold has in Predator. They are used w/ a stock as well (as seen in the movie) though its much less common. Some swat and law enforcement agenices use them to launch tear gas and other canisters.

    p.s. I want that pig as well

    • Thank you! Maybe the weapon’s mfr will offer the pig as a holstering option!

    • the big revolver in pig in the film is a S&W 500 a 50 caliber revolver

      • I have a friend who has one of those. He is a former policeman, which is about the only way most people are gonna get ahold of one of those things.

  11. I want one!

  12. I emailed premiere props about where to find a replica…waiting for a response.


  13. I want one too.. even if it is just a knock off.. My husband has wanted one since we saw the movie. Would be a great birthday present for him.

  14. I read in previous posts that someone here bough the one from the movie that The Prop Shop had for sale. Any way they could provide detailed specifications and photos of it? I know someone who is a great seamstress and could probably make a pattern to make us some reproductions, but we would need to pattern it off the original.

  15. I want a pig too!

    • Pig manufacturer: There’s a real opportunity being missed here!

  16. The gun is a Smith & Wesson Magnum 500. It is the most powerful handgun onthe market and it is a .50 caliber.

    Btw I want the pig too

  17. The gun is a grenade launcher!!!

  18. That is not really what it looked like. It had plastic bulgy eyes.

  19. Any tailors? I’d pay 52 dollars for that.
    No tags… 😦

  20. I would definitely like to find one. It’s just too funny and will send a good message

    • I always thought it would make a great equipment bag to take to the gun range!

  21. That is definitely NOT the PIG. His eyes are all wrong if the picture you hve posted in the one you bought. sceneITdUNit

  22. Also Marvin’s pig is not Satin….it’s fuzzy. sceneITdUNiT

  23. In DC comics professor Pyg has white eyes like the PIG in the movie Red…you are missing something. sceneITdUNit

    • Another commenter claims to have purchased the exact pig from the company that liquidated the movie’s props & wardrobe!

  24. I have a S&W 500 and am now looking for the pink pig to put it in! Any information is helpful.

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