Posted by: Jerry Garrett | April 23, 2011

‘Fast Five’: Filmed in Rio? Not So Fast!

Official “Fast Five” Movie Trailer (Universal Pictures)

“Where was ‘Fast Five’ filmed?”

The fifth installment in the now decade-old The Fast and The Furious movie franchise, Fast Five, is set in Rio de Janiero. The key word here is “set”. Most of the movie was, in fact, not shot in Rio, but instead in Puerto Rico! With a dash of California’s Mojave Desert thrown in.

Shocked? Well, remember the Tokyo Drift edition of this series (which gets my vote for the series’ worst installment) was really more of a computer-generated video game, than a live-action feature filmed in actual locations in Japan. So, anything goes in the world of movie magic!

“When was ‘Fast Five’ filmed?”

Cast and crew members spent much of spring and summer 2010 in Puerto Rico, working on the wild, chase scenes – including not only the car-to-car action sequences but the rooftop-to-rooftop stuntman stuff too. (The 2010 action flop, “The Losers,” also featured Puerto Rico masquerading as South America, as well as other faked locations worldwide. In fact, The Losers and Fast Five filmed on some of the same streets in San Juan.)

Warning: Low-Flying Corvettes!

The sequences on the train, and in the desert, trying to steal the 1966 Ford GT40, the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport and a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera (not sure why anyone would want to steal one of those!)? Shot in California’s Mojave Desert, adjacent to Highway 62 and on – and along – the railroad tracks that run through there between Parker, Arizona and Vidal Junction and Rice, Calif. The Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid-style jump into the water? The Colorado River!

Mojave Desert filming (Tunis Marsh from Flickr)

“How was ‘Fast Five’ filmed?”

Check out my interview with second unit stunt coordinator (extraordinaire) Jack Gill (Dukes of Hazzard, etc.) about how those amazing stunts were filmed – and how more than 200 cars were destroyed in the making of the film. Some were demolished more than once!

Fast Five Charger on display at this year's New York auto show (Jerry Garrett Photo)

Of the many different hot cars featured in this version of the series, it seems the star of the show remains the scene-stealing ’70 Charger (now joined by 2010 descendants). BTW, the Fast Five Charger is a different one than the vehicle that appeared in the other FF films.

The original ’70 Charger R/T movie car – or what was alleged to be the original – was recently auctioned off.

Also, did you know the movie Charger is powered by a Chevy engine? No Hemi? Is nothing sacred?

Hey, speaking of sacred cows…wasn’t that an uncredited Eva Mendes in the film’s final sequence? (You did stay through the closing credits, didn’t you?) Guess you’ll just have to wait until Fast & Furious 6 comes out in two years to find out the answer to that one.

(The official Fast Five website is here, and includes news, games, contests and more.)

Jerry Garrett

April 23, 2011

(P.S. See what Dodge is doing with its association with the film, in this off-beat :60-second ad spot:)



  1. I’m disappointed… Everything in FAST FIVE is so unreal! You see, there’s no long-distance intermunicipal passenger trains in Brazil anymore, there’s no Mojave-like desert, the avenues in Rio are inadequate for car races due to the amount of vehicles, the bandits speak Portuguese with Portuguese accent (from Portugal) or speak Spanish, the cute girl wears a GIANT bikini, not a Rio-style tanga bikini, the police stations are guarded by the civil police (they don’t wear uniform), not the by the military uniformed police… and so on! In short, there’s is a FAKE RIO in Fast Five. Why do the movie directors do that? Cant’ they the shoot the film in the REAL location? (OPINION FROM A BRAZILIAN CITIZEN WHO LIVES IN BRAZIL)

    • Yes, and then the producers have the movie’s premiere in Rio! What an insult to cariocas! They should have been laughed out of town!

    • I agree with your criticisms, but you are wrong; there at least one train in Brazil from Belo Horizonte, MG to Espirito Santo, ES.

      • Wow. Good to know. Someday I hope to take that train. I adore Brazil!

  2. the big insult was to Puerto Rico that didn’t get any credit for every problem it cause here( they really exploded the bridge @ the end, so the most movement bridge, teodoro moscoso bridge, was closed for 2 weeks) and after that not even an early movie screening(i mean instead of Thursday screening like every movie, Wednesday)

    source: puertorrican local…

    • You raise excellent points!

    • The Moscoso bridge was not closed for two weeks, but for two periods of two days, each. Do you really believe that the bridge management or the government would allow real damage two the bridge structure? It could never be repaired to the previous condition with that kind of damage. It was all fake.

      • Thanks Alberto for your knowledge on this subject. An avid movie watcher in San Juan had communicated to us, along with the movie’s stunt team, that a bit more damage was done to Old San Juan and the bridge than filmmakers had intended. Any damage was apparently quickly repaired, courtesy of the film company.

  3. where was the beach in the last scene of Fast Five?

    • It was Vieques Island, just off the east coast of Puerto Rico.

      • it was goa…coz it can be seen on cars no. plate at the beach…GA that stands for goa, India

      • GA also stands for Georgia.

      • Vehicle registration plates of Georgia are composed of an embossed serial of three letters, a hyphen and three numbers (e.g. ABC-123), So if it was shot in Georgia its wud hav been GEO or GAO.. However in Goa the every car registration Number starts with : GA. So it was definately Goa, India

  4. Yeah, GA stands for Georgia, but Georgia does not put GA on its license plates… the states in INDIA do, and GA xx nnnn (where xx is a two digit number indicating zone and nnnn is another number) indicates a Goa license plate!
    Oh, and I’m FROM GOA! That beach looked like Sinquerim based on the vegetation around some of the popular beaches, but it given that it was a pretty sparse beach with just a shack, it could be one of the miles of remote beach spots along the Goan coastline!
    Finally, the line in the movie – Tokyo, Moscow and Goa… well, two of them are cities, the third is a state… none of them are “countries without extradition” as mentioned in the movie!

    • Interesting! Thanks for sharing your unique insight.

      • yes he is right, it is goa… i can easily say its goa just by looking at it, without even thinking or finding clues… 🙂

    • This is with regards to Mr. John D’s comment about Goa. Firstly, I’m a Goan :). Just would like people and specially our Goans to know 🙂 I don’t really know if the movies was shot in Goa. Looks a bit sometimes. But Brazil and Portugal are two places which I know have a bit of similarities to Goa. Portuguese, because they ruled us for the longest in the history and they also ruled Brazil. So Similarities with Brazil, Goa and Portugal (Daman and Diu too). Few more places maybe. I don’t know the others. But, as far as the closest similarity goes, Brazil is the closest to Goa. Well, in the movie when the line comes up about “Tokyo, Moscow and Goa…” Word “Goa” makes me feel good. Because there is no other place that replicates Goa. So beautiful and amazin. The only thing we may miss is snow…maybe :). We can afford to enjoy the ice in the fridge though 😀 ;). But about Goa bein termed as a separate place in the movie, I think they are right. Though Goa is known as a state of India, in reality, if not for Portuguese and India, We would have been a country. As I said, Goa has no similarity with India or any other place. The closest we get are with Brazil as far as people, climate and a bit of lifestyle is concerned. And we borrow some lifestyle from the Portuguese too! But Goa is Goa!! :). Fast 5 or slow… 😉 Have fun!

  5. The beach is in Vieques, the plates are from Goa.

  6. i think it not GOA.. hm.. at first (in train) mia said tokyo, moscow and boa.. but they said again later.. Moscow, Bali, Goa, Hong Kong.. to tell the truth its only for scenario..

    if u guys read in there is no scene in india.. and base of that, i think this review from is correct.. “The final scene at Copacabana Fort found all of our returning favorites walking down the beach together. ”

    beach on last scene is in brazil.. 😛

  7. -Insane! Nuf said! But they need tO honor the “Set” in order tO get a genuine reality feel plus credits and honor, (in this case Brazil) and to the F5 Fans! –
    -My humble opinion

  8. i jus came across this and JohnD is correct. The place is infact GOA, INDIA .

  9. the beach scene is in Pinones Puerto Rico between San Juan and Rio Grande in the town of Loiza. I lived there during the filming, and that little house does actually exist abandonded on the beach.

    • Thank you! How beautiful Puerto Rico can be! We were just there in April for two days. Too little time, for so much beauty.

      • Hey like to knw u dat d last scene is of goa… If u vl c d chair net pattern where he drinks d bear which is made specially in goa.. It is famous fr dat checks white pattern style… Another thing is d color of water is nt too blue in color.. It indiactes its an goa… As arabian sea is not totally blue in color…
        I am from DAMAN which is known as mini goa.. Every tourist from d corner of d world visit here… D pepl whu r planning to visit can take d enjoymnt of our new 7 star hotel with casino which is going to open in 2012 new year… Have fun… Meet u soon

  10. Who cares if the scene was shot in pr- Atl- goa….? Who cares if more than half the movie didn’t make sense ….
    they could have film the whole movie in the moon for all I care…
    I enjoyed the movie it takes my mind off other things and that’s all it matters

    • Actually, I think the Moon would be a terrific location for Fast Six, or whatever they will call it!

  11. The last scene of fast five is in Bali..because vin came to Bali after the filming of fast five. So you all get punked.

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