Posted by: Jerry Garrett | May 4, 2011

Fast Five’s Crappiest Car: 1971 Ford Maverick

J. P. Huffman test-drives the movie Maverick for Edmunds' Inside Line.

The movie Fast Five is loaded, from the opening moments of its 130 minutes of run time to the credit roll, with expensive, exotic, rare and fast cars. But there is one notable exception: the 1971 Ford Maverick driven by the character Han.

(I would argue the 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL in the movie is not a crap car; it’s becoming a rather sought-after collectible – unlike the Maverick, which is, was and always will be, crap.)

Ad for 1971 Maverick Grabber. It hasn't aged well.

The Fast Five Maverick, however, is something of an inside joke for Dennis McCarthy, the film’s picture car coordinator. It’s an intentional placement, because of the film’s setting in Brazil (although it really isn’t filmed there) and the Maverick’s popularity as something of a “muscle car” in that country.

McCarthy even went to the trouble of hopping the Maverick up with a 5.0-liter V8 (from an ’83 Mustang) and a 5-speed manual transmission. In a piece of investigative journalism all too scarce these days in the automotive trade, my esteemed colleague John Pearley Huffman, managed to track down the actual Maverick used in the filming. He took it for a memorable test drive; I heartily recommend you read his review. The exterior and interior of the car, down to the shelf paper on the dash and the plastic “Grabber” hood, were intentionally made to look – let’s euphemistically say –  “shabby chic.”

Where most Mavericks went, or will soon go.

No word on what might happen now to this, arguably, the most famous Maverick ever made. Suggestions are welcome.

Jerry Garrett

May 4, 2011



  1. Your a dick, boy if this was a Falcon it would be o.k. right? I bet it would be a great car in the movie if it was a ’64 1/2 to ’70 Mustang right. I got news for you ………. they are basically the same damn cars. Falcon, early Mustangs, Mavericks, Comets and for the most part even ugly ass Granada’s. I give the movie producers credit for at least putting something different in the movie but of course you (whatever the you call yourself) find anything different to be wrong or no good. For myself i love Mavericks and Comets and they can easily be made to handle and go as fast as any Mustang with very little work. Fastback styling and great looks, that’s what i see. Brazilians seem to know this but you can’t seem to see this. Funny but i bet the Brazilians think your a dick too.

    • I’m no fan of Falcons, sir.

      • I had a 1970 Maverick, to this day it is my all time favorite car, I have had nothing but good things to rember about it. I drove my maverick over 320,000 miles and very few problems. I wish i still had it to day. If it was not for a drunk driver that rearended me at 72 mph while at a stop light I might just still own it.

      • Want to see Maverick beat the crap out of a corvette and a lotus in Brazil, go to Maverick/Comet vs. Corvette/Lotus. Its amazing that a cheap car can leave those exotics a speck in the rear view mirror!

      • but you are a dick

    • Maverick is a fine car! In fact, The overruns manufactured in Mexico had 351w ‘s. It was so cool to see that insignia on the side fender. This car was the right choice for the movie, and it’s obvious the producers knew about these details.

    • I have had a Maverick in my life since High School, Mavericks at one point were mad to replace the Mustang and were designed on a Mustang format. They were also the only ford car that stayed true to their body design from start to finish.unlike the Mustang bodies .

    • Bingo!

      • I’m still driving the 70 Maverick Grabber I bought in 1989 . They are awesome cars that (when properly equipped) can surprise all the Camaros and Mustangs out there .
        They’re also easily and cheaply modified because they utilize the Falcon/Mustang chassis .
        Mine for example has a Fuel Injected 5.0 H.O., with factory 4 wheel disc brakes (Granada/Versailles respectively), power steering, power brakes, speed control, AC, power windows, power door locks, tilt wheel, power seats automatic etc etc .


  3. Hey,
    It would help if you did a little research before you wrote anything. There is a very large Maverick community alive and well in North America., as well as Brazil where they are even more popular.
    That car used in the movie was a rust free California car, that was make to look like that.

    • Thanks, Dave. Your comment was one of the few printable. I’m glad your experience with the Maverick has been a positive one. Our family actually owned a 1971 Maverick, and our memories of it are not as fond.

      • They were much nicer in South America, because there they were considered nice cars. In the US it was what you got when you couldn’t afford a Mustang, but in Brasil it was the car you WANTED. As a result, build quality was much higher and there was much more attention paid to detail, so they lasted more, worked better and were nicer. We even got the Maverick GT, which was similar to the Grabber, except it wasn’t limited edition. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, the USDM cars were very cheaply made indeed. My grandfather used to collect Mavericks, he had a beautiful GT before he passed, now all that’s left is a 4-door, 4-cylinder that is still running and looking really nice in my uncle’s care.

      • And Sung Kang said in a recent AMA on CarThrottle that the Maverick was one of his favorite cars in filming the F&F movies, and that he plans to build one himself some day.

  4. hey jerry, take your shitty disrespectful article on mavericks and shove it up your ass you fucking douche bag un-american dumbass

    • Always nice to hear from Glenn Beck’s audience.

      • Hee hee you are a funny guy, you of all people need to go for a drive in a done to the hilt full frame 700 horse wheelie barred monster Maverick or Comet that does the quarter in the low nines to really see how good they can be. Maybe it would change your closed mind.

      • Would I have to ride in the trunk?

      • At the rate of the dislike for your comments from some of the posters here i’m thinking …….maybe. Well i give it to you that you at least answer all of the nasty remarks that have been left here. I think Glen Beck is upset by all of this. 🙂

  5. Brazilian Mavericks are very different to the mavericks you find here in the US, Mexico and Canada.
    To start with the project had some major differences; different suspension, different interior, different sheet metal and a GT version that was somewhat similar to the american grabber.
    In Brazil this car has a very good fame and status because it is a very reliable solid car, and I being brazilian can tell that the north american mavericks are somewhat different.
    I am a fan of this car, I restored one exemplar, and I gotta say fun to drive car. For me this car is EXACTLY like a 70’s mustang, but feels lighter and quicker around the corners, it has its flaws, such as the steering (which is the same found in the mustang). Analyzing the context it is obvious that the Maverick when sold in North America didn’t get the same attention or had the same status, finishes and options as it had in Brazil after all they were made to reach two completely different audiences, and in that sense this car makes a lot of sense to be in the movie.

    • Thank you, sir, for your comment. It seems that just up until recently many of Ford’s overseas products were built to a higher standard than similar North American products. It is nice to see Alan Mulally’s leadership and “One Ford” vision changing that.

    • i had a 1970 maverick, it sat for 20 to 22 years never moved and no one ever started a friend put new gas in it new plugs wires and it fired right up and later he gave it to me cause he couldnt drive stick and burned the clutch out. it was hard to find parts unless you know an old timer who knows his cars and i found someone who did. the clutch, throwout bearing and pressure plate parts were the as 72,74 and 76 mustang. i replaced them and the car ran great was fast and got 33mpg anywhere i drove it. a little tid bit ford wanted to make a cheaper but reliable car for the everyday joe, sales where good at first, so with the declining sales of the mustang they decided to style the 72 mustang after the maverick to try and boost sales for the mustang, but the 72 was bigger and had more problems. just ask my brother he has a 72 mustang and its nothing but problems(money pit)

  6. The Maverick was the “fuel efficient” small car of the Ford line when it was designed. It weighs in at 2800 lbs in stock form, uses the same front suspension, small block v8 or inline six engines and transmissions that were available at the time. Most people looked at them as simple transportation. Effectively they filled the same niche as the Falcon did when it was introduced.

    The Maverick was a very successful car for Ford, selling more than 451 thousand cars in its first full year of production and over 2 million cars during it’s 7 year run.

    Now for the criticism. The Maverick shares all the flaws of the Mustangs of the same vintage. Sheet metal is prone to rust when exposed to salt from roads or ocean mists. Poor ergonomics. Poor fit and finish.

    If you like early vintage Mustangs, then you either overlook the flaws that they have or you have magnified the flaws in the Mavericks based on a poor experience in a few cars that you have personally been exposed to.

    I have heard people complain about Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc. with the same criticism you expressed of the Maverick. In most cases where they had bad experiences, the underlying issues turned out to be lack of maintenance and neglect.

    These cars are rapidly increasing in value as more people realize that the Maverick is an inexpensive platform to build a custom car project from. With the numbers that were built, the lack of regard given them by the vast majority of people and the number of crossover parts for Mustangs that will work with the Maverick, most everything you need to restore, restomod or race your car can be found.

    I would recommend that you visit so you can get a sense of the following these cars have in the United States. There are currently more than 17,000 members on this forum devoted to all things Maverick. (Okay, they let in the occasional 71-77 Comet owner as well.)

    • Certainly those dedicated Maverick lovers who have fought off the ravages of rust, time and lack of spare parts feel very passionately about their cars. Thanks for all this interesting information, and for taking the time to share it here!

      • Interesting comment…

        Any vintage, oldtimer, old car owner or whoever likes real cars have to fight against rust, parts replacement, carburetor adjustment, engine tuning and this kind of thing.
        If you’re not this kind of crazy guy for sure you’d never understand it.

        But now Mr. Garret, if you’re not familiar with this could you please explain how can you comment about transportation or even post an opinion about this or that specific car? Do you really understand a thing about old cars?

      • Your clearly blind. Jerry your the kind of guy that thinks if its not your typical muscle car like a mustang or Camaro its not cool. The Maverick was released on the fifth birthday of the mustang to the day. That along with the mavericks sporty fastback shape clearly shows it was originally ment to be more then it became in north america. Ford at the the time became worried about new small imports. The mavericks timing was terrible the oil crisis of Oct 1973 and new bumper laws in north america requiring bumpers to handle more impact caused Ford to put large ugly bumper.This was a cheap quick fix but it ruined the mavericks sporty look. The amazing thing is if you look up Mustangs on wikipedia when it comes to the part about the 1974 Mustang II it say’s and I

        Quote: ” Initially it was to be based on the Ford Maverick, but ultimately was based on the Ford Pinto subcompact.”

        That’s Crazy! They must have been doing alot of drugs. I think most people would agree other then the new suspension the mustang 2 got the Maverick was the better choice. Who knows what you would be saying about the maverick had it been the bases for the 1974 mustang. I would take a maverick over alot of so called mustangs.

  7. I have a what most consider very nice 72 Maverick. You cant really compare a Maverick of today owned by a car nut to one you drove 30-40 years ago or one in stock condition with 30-40 years of wear and tear. These cars had the same chassis design as all the old Ford unibodies including the muscle cars. Did you drive a 71 Mustang in stock trim. Say a base model. Same lousy steering design,same questionable build specs and quality. Same lousy 4 wheel drum brakes. I can tell you first hand that my car gets more attention at cruise nights and positive comments than the majority of street corner Mustangs and Camaros. We have a forum with over 15000 members. With some very nice cars to say the least. MMB.FORDMAVERICK.TO you may want to check out the project page. Part of what makes them nice are the upgrades. Why would anyone want to drive a car that was built 40 years ago?? We do upgrades for performance and for safety. Just the same as any other old car. Ever try to stop or turn a corner in a 60’s era GTO? What about a Charger? in stock trim? When people say “they dont build em like they used to” I say good thing. Being a class A automotive tech with 20 plus years Dealership experience I feel well qualified to say that. I think your comments were a little hard on a car that was designed as an affordable alternative but can easily be modified into a very nice car. As owners of these cars we are all used to comments like yours and they are usually from people with little knowledge of the cars build design and potential and/or people blinded by the term MUSCLE CAR to the point they have convinced themselves it must be a nice driving car and fun just due to its name. These cars a nice and light and very nimble with some upgrades. They are still an affordable alternative just like when Ford marketed them. I say good job Ford.

    • Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your expertise.

    • The Ford Maverick is one of the best cars ever made any one who think diffent has never drove a mavreick I had one for 18 years I never walked home and the mavreick was never on a tow truck it was the best car I ever had it drove great handled great and fast was not the word for it the dam thing would fly and I’m a great Ford Maverick person I would love to have one again I had two and my dad had one all three cars was great car to have

  8. Still the best bang for the buck either way back in the day when new they were under $2000 or now when you can buy one for $500ish.

  9. So if it’s the crappiest that means others were crappy too by your semantics. Did your family have one? Maybe you just have bad memories of the Mav because you rode in the back seat as a kid, and your Dad would tell you to shut up when you were voiceing opinions, swing around and hit you when you wouldn’t shut up….. Don’t blame the car…. It couldn’t help. Hey I was wondering.. Do you drive an American car? My money says no. Maybe we can find you a nice Mav, and you can join our forum… 🙂 12 step program you back into the fold of American car enthusiasts.. 🙂

  10. You haven’t passed step 1, admitting you have a problem 😦

  11. I find it funny, how someone bashes a maverick, but they drive a Ranchero? I guess considering the source it’s what sort of comment you can expect. Probably haven’t even driven a maverick, and if in some slight part so, definately not for much… considering the base that the maverick has as far as parts and availability. I look at it this way, at least unlike the ranchero, mavericks made the cut for a film targetting the fart-can enthusiasts that LOVE the F&F genre.

    • Mavericks are definitely more famous this month than Rancheros…

  12. You do realize that the video on the review you link to contradicts your article, right? The Maverick is a great car and was incredibly popular when Ford was selling them. Parts aren’t that hard to come by and they’re fun to own and restore because they’re not as common as Mustangs, Camaros, etc. Part of what’s great about them is the fact that since they aren’t as popular, they are much cheaper to acquire. I bought a running 74 Maverick for $1500 and the car looks like I paid 3 times that for the condition it’s in. Sure they need a little attention to get back into their former glory, but so does every old car that hasn’t been restored. And guess what? My car still turns heads and I get asked about it all the time.

    • The last time I kicked a hornet’s nest like this was when I called the Pontiac Fiero a crap car. I shoulda learned my lesson!

      • Keep trying. You’re still young.

      • Yes, you probably should have. And for the same reason you never comment on a woman you see across the bar. The man standing next to you may just be her husband. 😎

        One man’s trash, etc.

  13. Yeah I can almost understand where you are coming from, the mavericks did not get the attention that the other fords did. But that being said, Now they kick ass! very few around compared to the mustang, and just as easy to get parts for it. In the long run a very different ride not for everybody.

  14. That’s the rat rod culture, my deer…

  15. I will admit the Maverick in Fast 5 was not a really good looking car but saying all Mavericks were and are pieces of crap just shows your ignorance and obvious preference for certain other cars. We own 4 Mavericks now and love every one of them. Just because you don’t like a particular car does not make it a piece of crap. Maybe you should think about what constitutes a crap car, these mavericks (and comets are over 30 years old and still out on the road. How many cars made in the last 10 years do you really think are still going to be road worthy 30 to 40 years from now? I am not impressed with the quality of newer cars but I still don’t go around telling people I think their car is a piece of crap because I was raised to show consideration toward other people, something you obviously never learned.

    • You own four Mavericks? You must really love Naugahyde…

      • Wrong answer, try Houndstooth woven interior.

  16. My ’71 Maverick has clean paint, tasteful and appropriate 17″ wheels with wide, sticky rubber, a nicely restored and upgraded interior with modern, bolstered seats and period correct upholstery, power steering, 4-disc power brakes, air conditioning, a very strong, properly done 351 Windsor swap, (and enough stereo to drown it out) upgraded suspension, and is daily driven… (Because I want to; not because I have to.) It turns heads everywhere it goes, I’ve never heard a negative comment about it, and it will outperform most cars on the road today in every measurable way. It’s light, nimble, and ridiculously powerful. Is this a crap car?

    Most people who drive Mavericks today aren’t driving crap cars. Granted the rusty 4-door inline six that so many grandmothers drove was no performance machine and that’s the car people seem to remember when they think of a Maverick, but I think if you get behind the wheel of a nice light fastback coupe with a healthy V8 you’ll change your mind. Hope you’ll right about it when you do…

    (By the way, Naugahyde? Did any car not have that in those days? I suppose your Ranchero rolled off the assembly line with real leather?)

    • Stanung vinyl & random block fabric

    • hey facelessnumber if you still check on this article please hit me with an emai.

  17. “Unlike the Maverick, which is, was and always will be, crap.” Jerry Garrett.

    You sir…are no car guy and a dumbo.

    • As Rodney Dangerfield used to say, “Ooooh. Rough crowd!”

  18. i owned a 71 maverick grabber in highschool 20 years ago and actually still have the car which i had kept garaged. my son and i are now doing some restoration work on it so it will be his first car. the 71 maverick grabber had a 302 and came stock from the factory with 210hp. mine has a three speed and a two barrel carb and i was able to keep up with all the 5.0s of the late eighties and early nineties. i also made many a camaro 4 barrel 4speed positrack rearend 327 and 350 sweat hard and were amazed that i could do as well in a drag without having spent all the money they had. its too bad my son ran across this article that you wrote so well.

    • Cars with a story behind them certainly have extra value. Sounds like yours was a keeper. The movie played theirs for laughs, and everybody should take the movie’s 15 minutes of fame – or infamy, in this case – with a grain of salt.

  19. You must be a young dumb mother fucker I’m 34 and just barely got to see cars before they went to the plastic bullshit they are now any one who was around drag racing at all in the 70’s 80’s and 90’s should have noticed all the mavericks and comets they were light simple v8 powered car easy to hop up for racing and yes they can with 302’s with 245hp 250’s with 155 hp and 200’s with 120hp so suck on that you import loving pussy.

    • No need to use a fake name when you write in, dad.

      • Gary White is my name fomoco stands for Ford motor company you might have known that if you knew many thing about automobiles and yes I am a father to a 7 year old girl that probably knows more about cars than you by the way I own a 72 mercury Comet V8 and a 61 Ranchero and have owned and driven many makes and models trans am, mustangs etc. for power to weight ratio the Comet is the best.

  20. true story 1992 riding with my brother and his friend in a 71 4door with a 250 6cyl we raced a 86 305 camero and one there were 3 people in the maverick one guy in the camero he was mad when he found out it was a 6cyl granted the camero probably only had 150 hp but hay its a v8

  21. Mavericks are pretty awesome I’ve rode in my fair share of them over the yrs. and they are badass. You must be one of those loser fuckers that drives a minivan and has no taste in REAL cars. Your probably just mad because you never had a halfway cool car when you were young and missed out on alot of pussy?

  22. dumbass

  23. DORK

  24. Puto!!!

  25. Wow, you are getting so much love. I own a 70 Maverick that I converted to 5 hole lugs and a very warm 302. I love because it is not a Mustang. I also own a 70 Cougar, 71 Torino fastback and 71Ranchero, as well as a 73 Capri.

  26. I think what you should do is go for a ride in a true maverick grabber/ or comet gt and see what you think about them after that. Fast Five paid homage to the maverick/comet owners which makes you jealous I guess, so if you wanna see your car in a movie you might wanna check out lifetime movie network for women and you might see a minivan or miata or whatever shit you drive.

  27. i never was a ford man allways a chevys but i was walking through a junkyard in maine and i saw a 2dr.maverick with a 302 in it and the guy told me it come stock with it and it was called a grabber so make long story it going to be cruchd so i give him 200$ for it and now im in the pros.of fixing it anything old and hard to come by i like it sorry for the spelling

  28. only someone who never owned one would call a Maverick a crappy car, hehe. I owned a ’77 maverick, used to cuss it all the time, tore it down and rebuilt components on it more than once in the 10 years i had it, but the one thing that i loved about the car was the fact that i could get behind the wheel and turn the key, and that motor would fire each and every time and would haul me to hell and back. i eventually sold that car in a moment of weakness for $300, worst mistake in my life . . been trying to find some poor sod who wants to get rid of theirs, or find a scrap yard where i can find a 2-door so i can rebuild it once again, the car isn’t crap, if you had to rely on any vehicle you could always count on that car to work, they are easy to work on and maintain, and reliable as hell.

  29. dear mr jerry
    you dont know anything about muscle cars
    u are a crapp

  30. This is the funniest series of responses I’ve read in ages. You’ve got the patience of Job.

    I got my license in my folks’ 6-banger ’67 Barracuda—slow as a VW and couldn’t support the factory AC, so my folks replaced it with a brand new ’71 Maverick Grabber. Sky blue with silver racing stripes, it looked like a million bucks and could spin through tire rubber at a rate I had trouble explaining to my parents.

    As much as I appreciated having a “cool” car at the time, it really was a piece of junk and put me right off American cars for a few years. I finally came back to a ’69 Lincoln, though, and loved my ’66 Mustang fastback, when I was finally able to afford one, years later.

    • I forgot to mention that your Ranchero looks great!

      • Thanks. It’s the last new car I’ll ever be able to afford!

    • Who knew the world was full of Maverick collectors?

  31. I agree with Jerry (or at least I did 22 years ago when I was 16 years old).
    My first car was a 70 Maverick with a 250 6 cylinder. (An early model Grabber) As a 16 year old kid, the last thing I wanted to be caught dead in was a Maverick . But at $200 it was all I could afford.
    Well, I still have that 70 Maverick, and I wouldn’t part with it for all the money in the world.
    Like some of the comments I’ve read here, mine is modified heavily too, with things like power disk brakes, fuel injected 5.0 engine, power steering, power windows/doorlocks, Ford type steeringwheel mounted cruise control, kicking stereo, subframe connectors, shock tower reinforcements, dual exhaust, 10 way power bucket seats, authentic sheet metal “Grabber” hood, LED tail lights, modernized factory air conditioning, etc etc.
    It is extremely reliable for a 41 year old car with 520k miles on it, and serves as my daily driver .It’s also a blast to drive, and much much safer than it was from the assembly line .
    I have to thank my fellow Maverick enthusiasts, and classic Mustang enthusiasts that have helped me with my ambitions by sharing parts interchange ideas and other technical data. (I have had fun reciprocating and providing them with a few ideas too)

  32. well Jerry I can understand where you are coming from, but you would have to own a nice v8 maverick to appreciate one, I’ve been building high end muscle cars all my life, and own several of all makes and styles, everything from small to big blocks, I restored a 2-door maverick and rebuilt the 302 to be a great performer, and i cannot tell you how much I have loved this car, it is great looking with its fastback design, and has been so reliable it is mind boggling, drives great, performs great, and everyone just loves the car, and as one person has told me, ” I would rather see a nicely restored Maverick, then another 100th million Mustang at every car show” I drive my maverick more then any car or truck I own, and I own some real dandies, but this little car always puts a smile on my face, and have you ever been to a drag strip? the Ford Maverick is one of the most feared cars there, because of its extremely light weight, which gives it a great power to weight ratio with a well built V8 under the hood. I admit in stock form there not much of a threat, but Fords 302 is one hell of an engine to build, and Luckily someone at ford was smart enough to send a few Mavericks out with this great engine under the hood, that is pretty much limitless on performance options! with the right paint and wheels, a Maverick is a great looking little car. feel free to type my name in on facebook, and check out the custom Cobra maverick I built, take care, RC

  33. I’ve gotten more trim in my Mav than you could get in a Lamborghini brah! Fact! if you build them the grabber was a sweet ride. I bet your another homo 1st gen Cammaro guy those boring ass whips I see 90 of every weekend. Try and do something original.

  34. I absolutely LOVE that so many Maverick owners came to this wonderful car’s defense. The Grabber model I owned is by-far my favorite car ever (the orange and white model, orange interior, 2-door, 302, 3-spd on floor) and was so damn fast it was crazy. A true sleeper. I blew doors off many supposed “better” cars. I believe I hit 130+ mph a couple times — the speedo was buried — past the 120 mark and couldn’t go anymore — and it actually handled fairly well. I wish I still had it; I DREAM about that car sometimes! I put about 125K on it and only replaced the radiator, starter and alternator (easy self fixes) in all that time. SIgh, I miss you Fab Mav…

    • 😉

    • yep, i also got it up to what i believed was 135. i always wanted to put a four speed in it and a posi rearend. i still have the car. it sits in my dads barn. been there 20 years. no rust. now at 42, i’m bout to put her back out on the road. 1971 maverick grabber, was white and black.

  35. This has been the most entertaining thread I have seen in a while. I miss my maverick. If I didn’t have 30k in my 69 mach1 I would trade it for one of the modernized mavericks I just read about on here.

  36. The Maverick is not crap, in fact it’s better and looks better than the crappy Mustang II or the more recent Fox-based stangs.

    • WHAT?!? The Mustang II is NOT crappy! Maybe if you got behind the wheel of one…..(wash, rinse, repeat)…..

  37. Wow, I was quite surprised to read this article, I myself am 21 and my first car was a 73 Maverick Grabber, and in fact, I loved my old iron box, sure the radio didn’t work right, and she had a couple Knicks and dinks on her, but I had a a genuine piece of American muscle with a 302 BOSS.
    I am sad to say I lost my car during deployment to a towing company, who wanted 5000 dollars just to get it back. I can truly say I miss that car, and the only problem I ever encountered with it was replacing my old fuel pump.

  38. My 1971 Maverick was a standard Automatic 200 staright 6 with a One Barrel Carberator. I started driving it at 16 when it had about 30,000 miles. When I sold it it had 105,000 miles. I topped it out once at 115 mph. Piece of crap… I don’t think so.

  39. The Maverick from Fast Five has ended up in Australia, the guy the owns it, a member of a Car Club of which I am President! Mav’s over here in Australia are an extremely rare car and as a result are fairly sort after, especially one with a history as cool as this one! Don’t be jealous because you don’t have one!

    • This is great news, I’m sure for all the Maverick fanatics over here…and no doubt will lead to a wave of Maverick tourism from the USA to Australia.

  40. East coast Maverick owner…….Owned a total of 7 still have two left ….but not for sale…The longest time owning one has been now going on 19 yrs.. toward the end of my high school yrs I too bought a Maverick for gas economy with its inline 6 -250 eng. filled the tank for $4.50 that lasted me for a week of driving to school and back,to work and to the beach….Least to say I was a happy camper and I didn’t have to ride the school bus…..Oh, sure there were many cars I could of had, but with my part time job its was all I could really afford…it served me well, but like any car it had its problems..nevertheless it was my baby…frustrated and disapointed at times, I didn’t know much about cars and nobody to teach me either, but as the years went on I learned to deal with it and slowly started meeting up with other friends who owned Mavericks that gave me some pointers…Then after graduation I left it behind and went into the service, my parents finally traded the car in for a PINTO which my Dad totaled falling asleep at the wheel nearly killing him.Well years went by and I owned so many other types of cars , european and domestic…but what I’m getting at is I never lost that special attachment to that Maverick and when I retired from the service I had to have one once again and try to make it better by upgrading it .because by now I was able to afford it. Then got hooked again and bought another and another. Restored one, as a muscle car should be, the other one still in the process, and the rest sold off. I take the car out every weekend with my wife and we just enjoy the ride and always get good compliments wherever we go. Not just because of the restoration,but because it brings back good memories to so many who owned one too….by the way the maverick outsold the Mustang the first year it came out………..but because of the new government guidelines EPA and safety took its toll and the car lost its shine only to be replaced by the Grenada….

    • Nice story. Thanks for sharing! I’m constantly surprised by the number of people who still hang on to their Mavericks, and love them. The last of a breed, for sure. I wonder if there’s a Granada owner’s club? I wouldn’t think so.

  41. your an assmunch

  42. Big fan of mavericks!

  43. The clown who wrote the àrtiçle ragging the Maverick obviously never drove one properly tweaked with a 302 made into a 347.

    • He also never drove one with a fuel injected 5.0 HO, good suspension and brakes either . Nor does he realize they are no more than a shortened, narrowed 67-70 Mustang chassis underneath . The hot rod tricks that can be done to a classic Mustang are almost always also a bolt on for a Maverick too .
      The lighter weight because of the downsize, coupled with the shared technology/chassis from the Stangs makes them very very fast .

  44. Checkout maverick/comet vs. corvette/lotus. You’ll replay it over and over,just amazing Brazilian race track video!

  45. i’m 17 and own a maverick. restoring it, actually. you can follow my restoration at Knoxville ford maverick project. now this article is very offensive towards me because i absolutely love my maverick. sure i’ve had to do some work but overall it’s a REALLY solid car. mine has been wrecked twice and i have it looking almost brand new again. granted i have a lot of custom mods to it but that’s because i want to make it more sporty. it has the inline 6 and is a 77. i have a 351 windsor for it, but i’m definitely keeping that engine. it’s a very solid piece of machinery. i love the car and would appreciate if you would give the car a little more respect being that its body is based off the mustang and it was given either a pickup truck engine(250 straight six) or a mustang engine(302 or boss 302).

  46. 70 Maverick. 347 stroker toploader 4-speed, 9 inch with 3.50 posi,subframe connectors,ladderbars and coilovers. Great car and a blast to drive, gets a lot of attention everywhere I go. Too bad your so narrow minded.

  47. Are you a forigner??? OBVIOUSLY YOU ARE A DUMBASS. I’d like to spray rubber all over your subaru you japanese loving douche. EXCEPT I’LL BE BUSY LAYIN DOWN A RUBBER ROAD TO FREEDOM IN MY 71 GRABBER BICH…YEA BICH..(you don’t deserve correct spelling rodent)

    • Always good to hear from members of my Bible study class.

      • I see that everyone has been really tough on you in regards to your article. I understand that the director may have put the Maverick in Fast Five for some cultural reference and irony, but in watching a behind the scenes mini film showing the test drive of aforementioned Maverick, the drive team commented on how well it performed and how interesting of a car it was. (posted by MotorTrend)

        I disagree with the way people are conveying their feelings towards your article, but I share a similar sentiment as an owner of a 1977 Maverick. This car was my first that I paid $300 for at the age of 14. With a lot of TLC and extra funds from my father, we restored the car to better than its original condition. It has been a great car, albeit a learning experience, even at almost 40 years old. Now, 10 years later, I’m performing the infamous 302 V8 swap in my Maverick and have no regrets.

        Your article has caused quite a stir, and I do believe it to be strongly biased, even as a classic Ford owner yourself, but as the purpose of most media content, you have definitely triggered a response from the Maverick community. With that being said, I strongly disagree with the caption “Where most Mavericks went, or will soon go.” I also disagree with the comment that tags the Maverick as “crap.”

  48. If you want to call the Maverick “crap,” then you can go suck a cow.

  49. Mavericks are a cool car and respond well to modifications because they are light weight. I have owned several and currently own one. They really look good also when there are fixed up because they were for the most part plain cars. Ford sold tons of them so someone must have liked them too!

  50. I had a 71 maverick great car loved to party in it I wish I would have kept it . You cannot call it crap . Ford should actually start producining a new one with today’s technology !

    • Ford still owns the rights to the name Maverick for cars, so the idea isn’t too far fetched .

  51. i find that the same type of people that think the maverick is a piece of crap also knock the gremlin for the “cam back” styling, which has been found on cars since then and til today. they also seem to confuse the vega with the chevette and give no consideration to what the government made the manufacturers do to compromise design, power and reliability in an very short period of time. basically those who paint those “broad strokes” are NOT “car people”, and only embarrass themselves with their ignorance.

    • Those are the same people who also think the Maverick and the Pinto are one in the same. (mechanically speaking) In reality the Maverick is much closer to the Falcon and first gen Mustang. In fact the Maverick shares all of it’s drivetrain, suspension, steering and unit body platform with the first gen Mustang. (They are so close that most of those parts are directly interchangeable)
      I once had a person refer to my Maverick Grabber as a “poor man’s mACH 1” . He had no idea how exactly correct his statement was .

  52. How mean. I have a 72 Grabber and they are freaking easy to modify with other Ford parts. Mine has a 302 with a 5-Speed out of a 90s Mustang and 9″ rear with 3.70’s Detroit locker out of another ford. Disk brakes from a later Maverick. They are just like Mustangs of the era and use most Mustang upgrade parts. And they weigh less than 3000 lbs. Min with sub-frame connectors and all weighs 2880 LBS last time I weighed it.

    • I’ll bet your Mav hauls tail too !!!! You’ve got something to be proud of there .

      • I have a 70 maverick with grabber trim a 363 stroker matched to a tremac 5 speed going to a 8.8 with 4.11 gears all aftermarket suspension sitting on 17 wheels with hundreds of hours of fabrication and paint work ( viper blue and silver) so my challenge to you sir is if you ever are in ct and want to go for a ride in a crappy car that some idiot spent $40,000 building instead of buying a mustang ,Camaro or corvette . I’ll be glad to see you piss your pants when I show what a 2800 lbs car with more power than a Z06 corvette is capable of while still being very driver friendly. to all have a nice day and keep these great cars from being recycled into honda’s

      • My Mav isn’t as wild .
        Let me start by saying that I’ve had it since 1989, (25 years now) it is the first and only passenger car I have ever owned . (Try that with a Civic or Accord!!) It is a 70 Grabber that has a fuel injected 5.0 H.O. engine, Granada front disc brakes, Versailles rear disc brakes with 9 inch axle, power windows, power door locks, tilt wheel, cruise control, power seats, C4 automatic, power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, high output alternator (from a 95 Mustang) , high performance suspension parts and heavy duty sway bars front and rear, and severe duty cooling system with 2 speed Taurus e-fan.
        The car must be comfortable for me to drive, (it is) get reasonable fuel economy (23 highway is not bad for a RWD V8), pass a yearly emission inspection, and above all be fun .
        I get all of those .

  53. Dude seriously you are stupid as fuck mavericks are bad ass cars but I mean I guess you fucking suck so much at writing these little shitty worthless reports that you have to talk about one of the best cars ford has ever made and spit your dirty faggot saliva on it to get people’s attention u dirty whore fuck you


    • Say what you will about Mavericks, but at least their owners are unfailingly polite.

      • If you ever stop in middle georgia……I have a group of friends that would enjoy showing you how nice of a car the maverick can become.
        If interested email me

  54. i sell my ford
    maverick1974 white color. the car is in colombia you can call me to cellular 57-3105233125 miguel campos or

  55. i have a 1970 ford maverick. i have driven many cars in my life but would prefer my 8.32 sec 1/4 mile total investment with buying the car+parts $1,965 maverick anyday. they are amazing cars. Any car lover ive ever talked to shows mavericks respect weather they have been dodge, chevy, ford, honda, or any other. so just try to reach that $100 on the dash, i dare you.

    • Right!!!!!

  56. I disagree the maverick is not a crap car with its big block engine and light body wait with the write adjustments this car can hall ass!!!!! All this car needs is the right collecter that knows what kind of TLC this car deserves and get her back on the drag!!!

  57. Man you are so miss informed. Go home and research more, because here in Brazil the FORD MAVERICK is the FUCK SAME CAR AS A MUSTANG. it´s a ponny car 302 engine v8. So that is, the transmition part of the mustang can be replace in the maverick, the famous T5. GOD DAMN you don´t know anything do you?!?!
    We give a value for the history, so you may see here a lot of mustang fastback 69, mavericks, OPALA CHEVROLET SS 78, Charger R/T american and Brazilian also, even mention the super bee and barracudas. So be my guest and visit the Curitiba City, in Brazil. Your jaw must fall down.

  58. My first car was a 71 Maverick, dark blue w/black hardtop. It had 270,000 miles on it when I bought it, 410,000 when I sold it, the person I sold it too wrecked it and sold it to another friend who did a little bodywork to it, and last I saw it it had 489,000 miles on it and still going strong! Yes, I had to replace parts every other week, even had the battery plate rust and disintegrate lol, but I don’t think I ever spent more than $12 dollars on a part, except for an alternator and a part someone had to make for me because we couldn’t find it anywhere. Greatest car I ever owned and it was one hot looking car!

  59. You’re kind of an idiot. Not only does just about every movie contain a maverick, one studio in particular has a specific green maverick somewhere in every one of its movies.

    Your comment that it’s somewhat of a muscle car in Brazil is funny as there is a whole subculture dedicated to tuning, fabricating and racing these cars sold there a few years longer than they were in the states.

    In addition, the maverick outsold the mustang every single year ford produced it in the states. It’s a light car, that was economical and coupled with a stock 302ci motor would perform well off the lot but with a multitude of room to add juice. The car is still economical to get into as a project and the coupe model isn’t unattractive.

    So while yes, it isn’t a camaro or roadrunner, it doesn’t have a highly inflated value that’s near impossible for the average gearhead to get into either. Nearly everything motor or chassis related is easy to find and inexpensive to upgrade. The grabber and stallion models are getting harder and harder to find. Especially ones with a solid body or that haven’t been tubbed. So while you may be able to shell out 20 grand for a rotted out POS challenger or charger, those of us into it for the fun and the desire to drive something OTHER than the plethora of mustangs and camaros on the street will be happy seeing others appreciate these and other little known models.

  60. I purchased a 1971 maverick Grabber with a 5 liter/2 barrel single crossover exhaust new in 1971. It was easily the best performing car I have ever owned. I was 21 at the time and raced on the street whenever I could get someone to race me. At 2800 lbs and 230 bhp I easily beat Camaros, Firebirds, and most everything stock that was on the street. Mustangs were a joke amd most other ‘performance’ cars were too. Only the 429 Torinos could beet me on the street. The car handled so well through curves that I never had to slow down which let me win a few long distance races on curvey river roads with out ever skidding. Anyone who laughs at a Maverick that was equipped correctly has never had the joy of driving one. Remember that this is the most successful car that Ford ever launched. It was sold out of production and became the only car that was built as ordered by the customer because production could not out pace customer orders. Every Maverick built was sold!!! No other car in the history of Ford ever ended production without an inventory remaining.

    • i had a 71 grabber in 86. it still ran like a beast and i loved that car.

      • My stepbrother had one and loved it. Screw him.

  61. Bitch.

  62. Maverick was my first car cheap, peace of crap. Get what you pay for.

  63. Do you know what they did with the mavericks if they are in a junkyard.My dad and I are restoring one for my car.

  64. did you ever think that you would still be getting comments 6 years later! i had a GRABBER 1971 i loved giving those late 80’s GTS and camaros a hard time!

    • No. And funny enough: people act like there are millions still on the road. And I’ve yet to see one since.

  65. Jerry Garrett ,

    You’re totally obviously to the fact your writing & opinion is pure crap. Unlike the Ford Maverick you will never be remembered & will no doubt one day find yourself writing articles for some obscure internet blog that will never even rival the local small town paper lol

  66. Mr. Jerry Garrett, your opinion is just that, your opinion, and it doesn’t value much considering Mavericks and Mustangs are from the same lineage. They have so much in common, Ford could call the Maverick another Mustang version.
    Your article transpires negative bias lacking basic facts to back your biggoted statements.

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