Posted by: Jerry Garrett | September 12, 2011

The Cars of DRIVE: What Mustang Was That?

Message to Mustang traction control: Not now!


One of the vehicular stars of the movie “Drive” is a 2011 Ford Mustang GT.

Was there anything special under the hood?

“No, it was just a regular Mustang GT,” said Darrin Prescott, the movie’s stunt coordinator. “Just one of the cars Ford sent us for the movie. If I remember correctly, they were all automatics. You really couldn’t get them to do anything. The minute you started doing anything tricky with them – spins, slides, drifting – the traction control would start shutting everything down.”

The traction control is meant to keep the average Mustang GT driver from scaring himself and others too badly with its stock 412 horsepower.

“We really didn’t do anything to them,” Mr. Prescott said of the corral of movie Mustangs. “We didn’t have the time, or the budget.”

So, how did the movie-makers ultimately get the Mustang to perform “bootleg” 180 turns, and other cinematic magic, as shown in the final cut of the film?

“Somebody finally told us if we held the traction control button down for six seconds, we could get it to turn off,” Mr. Prescott said.

The filmmakers also managed to scare up one Mustang with a manual transmission.

“But it wasn’t black,” Mr. Prescott recalled. “So we re-painted it, or re-skinned it. Then we were in business.”

Jerry Garrett

September 12, 2011


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  3. I was wondering about that myself. That GT sounded great on-screen. Never knew it had that much stock HP. What I liked best was that it had a real low profile look about it. When Gosling walked up to it on the street, I said to myself “that would have been my choice too”.

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