Posted by: Jerry Garrett | September 30, 2011

Fall Color Drives Near Brian Head, Utah

Ever seen aspens turn this color? Aren't they always supposed to be yellow?

Here are a couple of memorable pictures we snapped today, while on a drive through the high country in Iron County, Utah. This is on the highway between Brian Head and Panguitch Lake. To duplicate this drive, start from either Las Vegas, or St. George, Utah. Drive north to Parowan, and take State Highway 143 to Brian Head. Past Brian Head – the village has the most glorious pocket of aspens in the southern Utah mountains – continue on 143 to Cedar Breaks National Monument. Take many photos, then head down the road (143, still) toward Panguitch Lake. You won’t believe your eyes. Cut off at Mammoth Creek, and take it to Highway 14. Turn east, and head to U.S. 89 south. At Highway 9, cut through Zion’s National Park. Back to St. George. Etc. Etc. (For best results: Lather, rinse, repeat!)


Yes, this trophy buck is standing right beside the road.


  1. How many hours was your round-trip, including stops, from St. George? Thanks

    • St. George to Parowan is a little over an hour. Up to Brian Head is only about 15-20 minutes. Cedar Breaks is only five minutes past that. The road down toward Panguitch Lake is another 10 minutes, plus about 25 minutes from the cutoff to Mammoth Creek over to State Hwy 14. So, you have about two hours invested so far. A variation I just took, since the reopening of SR 14 after a landslide, was at this point to head west on SR14 back down into Cedar City. That takes about 45 minutes, and then it’s 45 minutes back to St. George on I-15.) The other way you can go is east on SR14 until the junction of US 89 and then into the back entrance of Zion National Park, and back on SR 9. That way takes about two hours. So, I guess, either way, allot at least four hours for the whole thing. But you will want to stop and take a lot of pictures! Hurry, though. It’s getting late in the season for this!

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