Posted by: Jerry Garrett | April 25, 2012

Day 10: Adventure of the Seas Trans Atlantic Cruise

Elevator floor - our daily planner (Jerry Garrett Photos)

SANTA CRUZ de TENERIFE, Canary Islands, Spain

“What day is it?”

“I dunno. Let’s run over to the elevator and find out.”

This actual exchange took place Tuesday on Adventure of the Seas, on our 13-day crossing of the Atlantic Ocean from San Juan, Puerto, Rico, to Malaga, Spain.

Why go to the elevator? That’s where they have swappable inserts in the floor that tell you what day it is. Without little reminders like this, I would have no idea. Keeping track of time at sea is both difficult and pointless. It doesn’t matter what day it is. It is what it is.

I apologize in advance here, if I have gotten my days mixed up. I think it is Day 10 of 13. But I may wind up somewhere in Spain, still writing about my cruise – long after the ship has disembarked us.

I believe Day 10 was spent in Tenerife. Or was it Santa Cruz, on the island of Tenerife? The learning curve for local geography lore is steep! Either way, it was a delightful big city in the Canary Islands. And one I would recommend to anyone, to visit and/or come back to. Assuming it was actually Tenerife. (I have pictures to prove it!)

The town was exquisite. A mix of colonial Spanish and Moroccan architecture, updated, without turning it into an episode of Holmes Report from HGTV (or wherever it is that show is on; most of these rococo old buildings couldn’t pass code, but who cares?!?). A beautiful town.

Most of the things in the shops are either made locally, made somewhere in Spain, or somewhere in Morocco (60 miles across the sea). Very little “Made in China” seen here. Lovely quality. Very unique. Some, it, ridiculously low-priced. Besides fun places to shop, there’s an amazing public garden, parks filled with flowers, and views every which way you turn.

The food is great here, and there’s an African market with fare so fresh it will make you wish you lived here, instead of wherever it is you live. No matter where it is you live. The food is that good: Eggs that were inside a local hen yesterday, fish that were in the sea earlier this morning, and tomatoes that were picked off the vine in the next village.

Ta-ta, Tenerife and its towering Mt. Teide

Tenerife/Santa Cruz/whatever has a (almost) 13,000-foot active volcano that often has snow on it, even as you are able to go to the beach a few miles away. The volcano is pretty impressive – even before you realize that is directly rises some 11,000 feet off the ocean floor (for a total height equivalent to Alaska’s Denali).

The day here passed all too quickly, and before sunset, we were hoisting our anchor, casting off our mooring lines, and churning off toward our next stop at another Canary Island, Lanzarote.

Wait. I need to go check the elevator floor to make sure what day it is!

Jerry Garrett

April 24, 2012

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