Posted by: Jerry Garrett | October 9, 2012

Whatever Happened to the Crashed $30 Million Ferrari GTO?

Christopher and Ann Cox leave a French race track July 6 on a road rally in their rare 1962 Ferrari GTO, which crashed into a Hyundai minivan a short time later. (

A 1962 Ferrari GTO that was severely damaged July 6 near Le Mans, France in a road crash that was dubbed “the world’s most expensive car crash” was sent to Ferrari’s Classiche Department here for repairs.

The Ferrari, driven by its owner Christopher Cox and his wife Ann, had been en route to Le Mans with other GTOs, participating in a 50th Anniversary Tour for the 250 GTO, when it collided with a Hyundai minivan, which was not part of the tour, according to police reports. An unconfirmed eyewitness report said the Ferrari was punted in the rear by another GTO in the rally, and that it then lurched into the path of the oncoming minivan. The left-hand-drive Ferrari suffered severe driver’s side damage.

Ferrari declined to provide an estimate for the cost of the repairs, or to provide a date when the repairs might be completed.

The GTO had moderate front-end damage, the police report said, and the Hyundai was hit in one side. There was no indication that excessive speed was involved.

Some accounts estimated the GTO’s value at $30 million to $40 million, based on a Bloomberg News report of a $35 million private sale in May of another 250 GTO. But according to the Web site, which tracks the provenance of such vehicles, this would be the third major crash involving Mr. Cox’s car during its rough-and-tumble half-century of existence.

Photos of the accident scene were not made available by police to the news media, and no other images of the damaged Ferrari have been made public. Efforts to reach the Coxes at their home in Chapel Hill, N.C., have been unsuccessful.

Jerry Garrett

October 9, 2012


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