Posted by: Jerry Garrett | November 13, 2012

Free Wi-Fi for Travelers? Try a Cheap Motel

A lotta bang for the bux. (

Tired of your hotel gouging you for internet access every night you’re on the road?

Stay in crappier places.

Surveys show the more expensive the lodging, the more likely it is to hit guests with internet access fees. Good rule of thumb: For every “star” in their rating, figure on the internet price going up accordingly. The sefees range from a few dollars for a few minutes, to up to $30 for a 24-hour period. (The most vile gougers start the 24-hour internet clock over at midnight, to nail you for two days, in one stay.)

The cheapest chains seem to use “free internet” or “free wifi” as a differentiator, to compete for your business. Independents are also more likely to offer free internet access. (But I recommend a little research before picking one at random, based only on a signboard out front.)

But use your head…

The pricy places perhaps think that if you are staying with them you must be on an expense account and can get away with making your company pay. Or that you throw money around and don’t look at your bill.

Gouge away!

Bonus tip: Many mid-priced chains, which might charge a small amount for daily internet access, it seems, offer free wifi if you join their loyalty programs. Joining is usually free too.

And loyalty program members often get room upgrades.

Jerry Garrett

November 13, 2012

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