Posted by: Jerry Garrett | January 5, 2013

How To Turn Honey Into Poison

PopeyesHoneySauceOccasionally, as a guilty pleasure, I used to go to Popeye’s for fried chicken and biscuits. Not anymore.

Why not?

Check out the photo above. How to do you screw up honey? Leave to America’s fast food industry to find a way.

Honey is one of the most natural foods in all the world. Bees make it. Now corn farmers pretend they do.

Poison someone else, Big Food.

Here’s another one:


High fructose corn syrup is the No. 1 ingredient? That tops even Popeye’s.

I tried eating KFC’s biscuits for awhile – because I drool over them, hot out of the oven – but first they switched the real butter to “spread” (what glop). I tried just eating them with honey. But then they switched to this.

Here’s a surprising addition to this “Honey Hall of Fame”:


Okay. Why stop eating chicken at these places, if my big problem is with the adulteration of the honey they serve?

If you can screw up honey, you’ve probably screwed up everything else worse.

Jerry Garrett

January 5, 2013



  1. I was shocked at my first encounter with honey sauce, purchased in the supermarket in a bottle with the rest of the honey. I read more closely next time and also begrudge the fast food folk their fraction-of-a-cent cost savings from the switch – good grief!

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