Posted by: Jerry Garrett | May 15, 2013

After 84 Years, Italy’s Mille Miglia Still Running Strong

A Mille Miglia competitor speeds away from the start line in Brescia. (Jerry Garrett Photo)

A Mille Miglia competitor speeds away from a check-point. (Jerry Garrett Photo)


The 2013 Mille Miglia tribute rally, which begins Thursday evening here, will feature a modern record of 415 cars. The event is usually limited to 375 vintage and classic cars that competed in the original 24 Mille Miglia road races staged between 1927 and 1957.

“To enhance the historical value of a fleet of cars that no other vintage-car race can boast, in addition to the usual 375 starters, we have decided to accept another 40 entrants, making a total of 415 cars: a record,” said Roberto Gaburri, the event’s chairman.

They all are models meeting the Mille Miglia’s requirements but which for various reasons did not participate in the famous historical races. These cars will be competing in all respects like the others but have been placed on a “Special List”;  the only difference in their participation will be the fact that they will not be allocated a “coefficient of merit” that would make them eligible for victory.

The actual winner of the event will be decided Sunday, after more than 1,000 miles of spectacular driving stages to Rome and back to Brescia; special competition stages held on closed circuits along the way help competitors accrue their scores.

Also this year, an hour and a half before the event’s leading car reaches the various localities, 75 Ferraris will parade through in a symbolic tribute to the historic race.

Organizers said the 415 cars selected all are “extremely valuable in terms of quality, history and sporting palmares.” They were culled from among some 1,575 online registrations from hopefuls who were each willing to post the required entry fee of nearly $10,000.

Jerry Garrett

May 14, 2013


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