Posted by: Jerry Garrett | May 24, 2013

10 Modern Innovations That Have Bypassed Italy

1. The king size bed.

2. Two-lane secondary roads.

3. Peanut butter.

4. Democracy.

5. Drivers Ed.

6. Half & Half.

7. Charmin.

8. The 40-Hour Work Week.

9. Year-round Central Heat & Air Conditioning.

10. The Concept of Time.



  1. Yes and no. It depends on priorities: for instance, Italians are immensely punctual when it comes to meal times! And there’s too much democracy rather than too little: anyone can set up a political party (lots do), call in friends and relatives and get elected. Of course, the system is exploited by a geriatric with a taste for teenage girls who happens to own half the national TV stations and the largest publishing co. However after 20 years of Mussolini, Italians were certain that they wanted plenty of democracy so national ballot papers are a yard long.

    • Clever observation. Maybe it’s democracy, run through an espresso machine.

  2. I don’t think this is fair. Think about this:
    King size bed? They are a republic, you can find the King size bed in Spain (Rey D. Juan Carlos bed), a friendly neighbour.
    Two side…? if you have a Ferrari, Bugatti, Lamborghini… feel the road!!!!
    Peanut butter? Who wants this?
    Democracy?, same answer that before.
    Drivers ed?. Same answer than question 2.
    Half and half? You don’t Know italian (and spaniard) women.
    Charmin? Even me doesn’t know what is that.
    The 40 …? Of course, we have the 35, 30, even in Spain we have “siesta” Does it count?
    Year round central Heat and Air Conditioning? Have you seen “The Godfather”? Have you seen the use of handkerchief in that film? How do you think that is possible? Of course…
    The concept of time? That is not bad. That is luxury taxes for foreign people.

    From Spain… visit us.

    • I did! I was just in Valencia. Wonderful! They actually speak Spanish there! Thanks for writing. Good points. I want to add to my list; Italians need hands-free cellular, because even when Italians speak on the cellphone, they must have their hands free to wave around!

  3. ah ah ah!!!
    i’m italian and it’s all true!!!
    Only one thing.. what’s democracy (#4)????

  4. Well here my opinions and answers:
    1) Yes most of the time you find in Italy small size beds, they are perfect
    when you’re young and with a young bedmate.
    2) Yes the increase of the traffic was not contemplated by our short view politicians.
    3) Keep the peanut butter while I take the best olive oil in the world.
    4) We have too much democracy by far, who wants some of it?
    5) I totally agree
    6) We have Ferrari and Giorgio Armani and far below?
    7) Charmin as elegance ? Please watch the ladies at any city centers…and compare…
    8) 40 hours is too much, even the old romans used to stop the war and take a refreshing vacation.
    9) No I do not miss the a/c, I can survive without it, but once you have it you’re trapped.
    10) Personally I’m better than the swiss

    • This is very good! Thank you, Giancarlo!

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