Posted by: Jerry Garrett | August 4, 2013

Whatever Happened To The ‘Fast Five’ Pantera?

A De Tomaso Pantera gets ready for a rough unload from a train (Fast Five)

A De Tomaso Pantera gets ready for a rough unload from a train in “Fast Five” (Universal)


One of the more memorable sequences in the crash-’em-up chase movie, “Fast Five,” involves several high-character, high-dollar exotic cars being pushed, shoved and driven off a moving train. One of the cars used in the sequence is a 1972 De Tomaso Pantera.

The car’s cameo is quick, and it was difficult to figure out whatever happened to it after shooting wrapped. Most of the other cars in the movie were put on display, returned to manufacturers or sold off, it seemed.

Apparently the Pantera went nowhere fast. In fact, it seems that it sat for a good two years on the Universal Studio lot. It finally re-surfaced in August 2013 on eBay. The listing, which had a “Buy It Now” price of $36,500 provided some tantalyzing new information about the Pantera’s role in the movie – including the fact that it had a “stunt double”.

So the auction, it turned out, was actually for two Panteras, not one.

The Pantera enjoying its 15 seconds of fame. (Universal)

The Pantera enjoying its 15 seconds of fame. (Universal)

“These two black Panteras were actually used in the filming of an intense action scene and are both still on Universal City Studios California titles!” said the listing by the seller MotoeXotica Classic Cars. (Caveat: “We are in no way affiliated with Universal Studios or the production of the movies; we are simply selling the vehicles from the movie!”)

“These cars are being sold as a PAIR and include both a 1971 DeTomaso Pantera and a 1972 Pantera,” the listing went on to say. “Both cars are currently inoperable. The 1971 Pantera has been completely stripped and has no engine, transmission, interior, electronics, NOTHING! The windows have been spray painted black and it still has the paint tape on the rear deck reading ‘TRAIN.’ It is believed that this Pantera was the one that was yanked from the train onto the flatbed in the action scene.

“The 1972 Pantera does still have an engine and transmission, along with most of its parts included inside the car. Some of the windows are no longer intact. This particular car has 35,837 miles currently shown on the odometer. It is believed that this particular car was used for the driving scene in the desert. This is your opportunity to own a piece of automotive movie history! These two cars could be combined to make one badass DeTomaso Pantera!”

One whole, pristine Pantera (either ’71 or ’72) could be worth $50,000-$75,000 at a classic car auction, according to David Gooding, the principal at the Gooding & Co. auction house.

Screen grab from MotoeXotica's listing for the "Fast Five" Pantera

Screen grab from MotoeXotica’s listing for the “Fast Five” Pantera

The movie car looked pretty good on screen. But the chrome rims and other accoutrements vanished by the time it went up on eBay.

Check out the listing here:

There’s a pretty great gallery of stills from the movie, courtesy of Universal Studios, and plenty of close-ups of what the cars looked like after the filmmakers were done with them.

You just never know what you might find on eBay, eh?

Jerry Garrett

August 4, 2013




  1. hi jerry, i bought the 72 pantera driven from the train through a universal studios consiener 18 months ago in Los Angeles CA and have since restored it back to the original look from the movie minus the GTS logos. I believe The cars you mentioned above were prop cars that were never driven in the movie. Please let me know of any insite ifo you can share. Thanks Dave p,s my car is for sale!

    • Thanks Dave! Happy motoring!

    • Supposably this car is for sale in Mitcham South Australia is this true or is someone is telling a load of lies, please confirm

      • there were 4 black panteras a mix of 1971 @ 1972 only 2 were drivers and yes it’s possible one was shipped out of the country and I own the pantera seen on the truck transport ramp.

      • Vey interesting, the person in Here claims that they have a letter from Universal Studios stating that it is the real deal. is there anything that can back this claim up, e.g. what to look for on the car etc. Thanks again Dave been good to find some info on this as people claim they have a piece of history then rip you off

  2. The proof is either authenticity from universal or what I have a pink slip with universal studios as the lien holder.

  3. Pink slip stating universal studios is the only authenticity I would trust.

  4. Here’s the ad for the car that’s still for sale at Mitcham, South Australia

    • Hi how are going, good I hope? I did not purchase the car but I had some friends look at it and they said that it required a full rebuild, its in a very sad state of disrepair. The guys would not lower his price either based purely on the assumption of its history, shame may have a good resto job. In the end I purchased a 1970 Dodge Challenger 440-6pack, 4 speed, all matching numbers. Take care hope to hear from again soon Date: Sun, 29 Mar 2015 14:52:12 +0000 To:

      • Not a bad Plan B!

  5. I’ve just bought the car and it has come with a copy of the Certificate of Title from Universal City Studios CA with matching Chassis numbers etc and is in really not that bad a condition – the motor and gearbox are super strong and a few grand will have it registered and on the road. Depending on what I can learn about the car more and its possible various roles in movies (potentially not just Fast 5) will determine how I go about it’s complete restoration as a mid term back to bare metal project.

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