Posted by: Jerry Garrett | October 20, 2013

Where Was ALL IS LOST Filmed?

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 2.43.58 PM

Robert Redford surveys a stormy sky in…The Bahamas?

Where was “All Is Lost” filmed?

At sea? That’s a pretty good guess, since virtually the whole movie takes place on the water.

But the script says the action all takes place in the Indian Ocean. Thing is, the filmmakers never went there.

So, where did all the action take place?

One clue is the color of the water.

When the water has a lighter, turquoise hue to it, the filming was taking place in The Bahamas.

Fox Studios, south of Rosarito Beach (BajaExpo)

At other times, when the water is dark, dark blue, the filming was taking place off the coast of southern California, and Mexico’s Baja California.

The place where the most filming was done? For nearly nine weeks, filming was done almost daily in the big water tank at the Fox Studio, just along the coast south of Rosarito Beach, Mexico.

The location was constructed in the mid-1990s for the filming of “Titanic”. Yes, that’s where Jack and Rose said their farewells. (There’s now a museum there, where you can take a tour and see many of the artifacts from the “Titanic” shoot; very interesting.)

Since then, the big tank (just to the left of the buildings in the aerial photo) has been used for films such as “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “Pearl Harbor” and “Master and Commander”.

All Is Lost’s lone performer, actor Robert Redford, described the shoot as very grueling. He had so much water sprayed at him, for so many days, he developed an ear injection that has cost him a significant degree of hearing in one ear. Maybe, for an Oscar nomination, it was worth it?

Jerry Garrett

October 20, 2013

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