Posted by: Jerry Garrett | March 26, 2015

Irwindale Speedway Demolition Approved

IRWINDALE, California

Irwindale city council last night approved plans to demolish Irwindale Speedway & replace it with a 700,000-sq ft outlet mall.

The speedway operator’s lease, however, can continue until the developers have 70% of its planned shops pre-leased to tenants.

Ground-breaking for “Phase I” is scheduled to begin in 2016. So it’s possible the speedway could survive into 2016. (Phase II mall construction is slated to begin in 2018. 

The racing facility, which features a half-mile oval and one-eighth mile dragstrip, was built in the late 1990s at a cost of about $20 million. 

Jerry Garrett

March 29, 2015



  1. This is such an eclectic and varied blog I don’t even know what to say, but I want to subscribe. I was thinking of visiting Taranto and your blog post may have swayed me (I’ve been there once before but only to the outskirts). The South needs a revival.

  2. Jerry, at Imagination Game there was a preview of “71” about Ireland during that year. You must review it from your particularly unique perspective, OK?

  3. Imitation

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