Posted by: Jerry Garrett | May 28, 2017

Driving My Mercedes To Italy – Days 15, 16 Dominica

Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 10.58.10 AM

Screen shot of live webcam at port of Caucedo, early May 28; ship is parked at docks, back by those sets of bright lights.


CAUCEDO, Dominican Republic

The Duesseldorf Express cargo ship, carrying a container with my 1973 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL en route to Italy, arrived in port here just before midnight last night.

It had just completed a two-day leg of its journey from Cartagena, Colombia, along the Colombian coast, out into the Caribbean Sea to Dominica. The part of the journey my Mercedes has been on started May 13 at the port of Los Angeles, continued down the Mexican and Central American coast to the Panama Canal, and on to Cartagena after transiting the canal.

After unloading some cargo, and loading new cargo here – not to mention all the fuel it can hold – the ship will be prepped for its departure at 13:00 Sunday – for a long, long journey to Lisbon, Portugal, its next port of call. It should take about 10 sea days to get there.

These are the dog days of a journey like this, as I can attest from a couple of trans-Atlantic crossings. The days pass slowly. No land is in sight. Seldom are other ships seen. You often don’t even see jet trails in the skies. Crossing straight across the Atlantic is something jetliners don’t often do; they generally stick to more northerly (or southerly) routes that cross closer to possible landing sites.

I’ll post tomorrow, with confirmation that the ship left Caucedo, and to reconfirm the latest schedule. Then I may take a few days off (plus, I’m traveling*), to wait until there is something new to report, closer to Portugal.

Jerry Garrett

May 28, 2017

*Covering the Indy 500


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