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Ten Myths About the Filming Locations in “Leap Year”

“Leap Year”, the 2010 comedy with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, is supposed to follow a romantically confused American woman from Boston to Ireland,

At least it was filmed in Ireland

to propose to her finance on Feb. 29, the traditional day upon which women may propose to men.

The movie, filmed in 2009, actually has the most cockeyed geography of any movie in recent memory. That doesn’t mean the locations aren’t breathtaking. They are. But they are not what they are purported to be:

1. Boston isn’t Boston. Except for generic b-roll of Boston, the film-makers never shot in Boston. The scenes supposedly in Boston were shot in and around Dublin Castle in Ireland.

2. Wales isn’t Wales. Sets were constructed to resemble an airport in Wales.

3. No one travels by sea from Wales to Dingle, Ireland. To do so, one would have to sail south, and around the eastern and southern coasts of Ireland, and past two major peninsulas on Ireland’s west coast, to even get to the Dingle Peninsula. Such a voyage, in a boat such as the one depicted in the movie, would entail at least week, and several stops for fuel – in other parts of Ireland.

4. Dingle, Ireland, and the Dingle Peninsula are never filmed. If you want to see what the amazingly beautiful Dingle area really looks like, or looked like 40 years ago (when it was very primitive), check out the 1970 movie, “Ryan’s Daughter”. (The lead picture on Garrett on the Road’s site is Dingle Peninsula, by the way.)

The real "Dingle" - the famously beautiful peninsula in Ireland

5. The filmmakers never shot a scene in Tipperary – either the city or the county of the same name in Ireland.

6. The cliffs depicted were in County Galway, not Dingle, on the Aran Islands

The Cliffs at Dun Aengus

(on Inishmore to be exact, at Dun Aengus where the ending shot was done on the cliffs at sunset.) Counties Mayo and Wicklow were also used for filming locations.

7. The beach at which Ms. Adams is supposedly deposited upon is not in Dingle, but in County Wicklow. (Ironically, this might have been where a small boat going from Wales to Ireland might have feasibly landed – but it is just south of Dublin, her destination, and a 40-mile journey wouldn’t have made much of an odyssey.)

8. The exact castle that they explore does not exist; much of it was computer-generated. (UPDATE: Sharp-eyed reader Kelli – see her comment below – has correctly identified the primary shooting location for the castle scene to be the ruins of Rock of Dunamase near Portlaoise. Funny enough: The new motorway to Dublin,which is just a few miles east, runs right through this area.)

The Rock of Dunamase, without computer-aided graphics embellishment

Some of the castle ruins they explore appear to be Ballycastle at Kinbane Head.

There is really no such thing as the ”Ten Wonders of Ireland.” There is a “Seven Wonders of Ireland” list, but they are natural wonders, not man-made.

9. Although rail travel is sparse on a Sunday, some trains do run in Ireland on Sundays – although trains do not service any part of the Dingle Peninsula. Nitpickers may suggest the couple had supposedly already left “Dingle” by then. Hard to tell where they were supposed to be at that time, though.

Glendalough Lakes and Valley, County Wicklow

The train shots, pub shots and Irish wedding in the movie were filmed in the Wicklow Mountains, around Wicklow Gap, Glendalough and Sally Gap (“Ballykissangel”, “Braveheart”, “Excalibur” and “P.S. I Love You” also filmed in this area). The 2009 Tour of Ireland bicycle race, seen on Speed channel, also went through here.

10.  Never mentioned is the Connemara area, where many scenes were filmed (some have suggested the Bog Road, but it looks more like the area around Doo Lough Pass on R336). A dead giveaway is the pines trees and the bleak, barren landscapes of Galway and Mayo. Sharp-eyed movie buffs will notice this area of Galway and Mayo was actually the famous filming location of John Ford’s 1952 movie “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara.

A final tidbit of trivia: Where is the coffee shop, in the scene where they miss the bus? Poppies, in Enniskerry.

In the credits of “Leap Year”, the filmmakers cite help from the official Ordnance Survey Map of Ireland. One wonders if they even looked at it.

Jerry Garrett

January 9, 2010


  1. The evening scene where she yaks on his shoes sure looks like it was photographed on the shoreline of the Upper Lake at Glendalough.

    • You are correct. Bonus points if you know the name of the pub right there. Day trippers reported seeing the filmmakers there last April.

      • What is the name of the pub that you have mentioned?

      • Pub was Lynhams in village of Larragh

  2. Bravo on your post! Just got back from seeing “Leap Year” and was so disturbed by the geographic inconsistencies. Plus, Dingle is my favorite place in Ireland, and I am heartbroken that millions of Americans will see this film and think that it consists of 3 houses and a run-down pub/B&B.

    • Thanks. I’ve come to the conclusion that the final scene, where Ms. Adams throws away the map, is a metaphor for the whole movie!

    • I have been watching Leap Year every day for a couple weeks and I have purchased the dvd so that I can have it in the bedroom when I cannot sleep. The locations are great and I will try to look up the real Dingle and all the other locations even the fictionary ones, lol. The film story itself is relaxing and enjoyable for me (I cry at sad and get upset at bad every time) this film does not give me a red nose or head pain.

      • i have exactly same situation and i will visit all these places at any cost in few days time,

      • Driving the Dingle peninsula is very very scary. Take a tour bus if you choose to see it. It is beautiful but the road is a two way road the size of a one way road. I drove all over Ireland and that was the only time I was scared.

      • if you want visit where you like then it’s easier when you have your own car as it’ll be hard to use public transport and stop where you like and long as you want, it’ll be lovely to see Ireland in good weather.

      • It would be great if public transport were “get on, get off” like in the big cities.

      • Leaving the driving to others frees you to ogle the scenery. The road does keep the person behind the wheel a bit busy. I recommend, if you drive it yourself, to stop often, get out and walk about a little, and take lots of pictures.

    • I have never been to Ireland but I was sure the places depicted weren’t accurate. A boat from Wales to Dingle??? I don’t think so. However, I still loved the movie and knew that what I was seeing was somewhere in Ireland. I will be visiting some of those places for the first time in June.

      • Despite the geographical nonsensical-ness, I credit the movie for showcasing Ireland in a compelling way. And for inspiring people to visit, and see the movie’s locations for themselves.

  3. Thanks for taking the time to set it all straight. I am so gullible, I guess. I am one of those jmillions of Americans who thought that the movie actually did show the real Dingle. And surprised to learn that the castle was computer-generated.
    On the plus side, as I was looking for what I thought was a real castle on-line, I did stumble across some fabulous REAL sites in Ireland. Can’t wait to visit someday.

    • Finally! I was looking for the same Castle. I must be gullible too. My mum and sister and I are visiting Ireland in May and wanted to look this castle up…..obviously I’m stupid. 🙂


    • I feel the same way abby!

  4. I was initially delighted just to experience Ireland again in the movie, even though landing in Dingle from Wales made no sense on any level. I thought I had traveled all over Dingle but kept wondering where the pub and beach were…..

    When the credits rolled at the end and I saw that every location they had identified in the movie was bogus, the whole movie was diminished for me. Ireland had been this great co-star in the movie and suddenly that feature was negated. Better not to identify specific towns and places at all than to misidentify totally places and regions that movie viewers might actually want to visit.

  5. Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe! I’ll go and read some more! What do you see the future of this being?

  6. When “The Man Without a Face” was supposedly shot in our town (Peyton Place, too), the scenery would hop from one place to another; although one—who doesn’t know this part of the world—might think it was seamless. Also, “In The Bedroom”—–same deal.

  7. The old ruins on the hill they explored did remind me of The Rock of Dunamase in Co. Laois which we discovered on our trip last year.

    Do you know if any filming was done on the Doo Lough Pass (near famine memorial)- Connemara? The road where the blue van steals her suitcase reminded us an awful lot of that road as well.

    My husband left the film furious with geographical inconsistancies, but I told him take it with a grain of salt. Most Americans don’t know the difference between Dingle and Doolin, all they know/care about is the Ireland they see in the movies is beautiful. We are just lucky enough to have been there an know it really is that beautiful & more! 🙂

    • Good eye! The Rock of Dunamase does appear to be the basis for the castle in the movie, although it was so enhanced by computer graphics, it was hard to tell. I’ve updated this story with your information. Many thanks! It is still possible that a shot or two was filmed at Kinbane Head, but Dunamase was the primary location for this. And I agree with you that Doo Lough Pass does appear to be the location in Connemara that was used. Last year, we did the loop from Galway to Cong to Oughterard, and passed this area on R336. They used the narrow, single-lane side roads off this main highway, I believe. Anyone who has been to this starkly beautiful area of Connemara would recognize its uniqueness.

    • The van/suitcase stealing scene is R335 in Co. Mayo, in Doo Lough pass but that is actually not officially in Connemara which is part of Co. Galway. The landscape is very similar as it is just to the north of Connemara.

      • Yes, Mayo sort of blends into Galway in that area. It is all starkly beautiful.

    • Sad that most would not know he difference between Dingle and Doolin! While I was born and raised on the west coast of the US, my heart will always be at home on the Dingle Peninsula where my great grandparents lived before they came to the States. Like a friend at the Blasket Center said, “You are more here (Comeenole and Ballyferriter) than there (US)!” It is true, with every trip back to the old sod, my heart aches to return sooner each time.

      • I have been to Ireland only twice, but the setting inconsistencies are rediculous. Aside from that, I do enjoy the film. The film maker on the other hand…

  8. Thanks for the post–I went to the movie just to see how it depicted the west of Ireland–and was stunned to see the Aran Islands in there when they are supposed to be in Dingle. I watched the credits, I thought closely, to see WHERE they filmed, but they just said “Filmed on location in Ireland.” Another person’s post here said the credits told more specifically where the filming was done… I missed that? I thought that the “…in Ireland” was their way of getting out of confessing that they never even went to Dingle at all….

    • The filmmakers had to film in Ireland so that the film’s backers could claim a tax break (allowed under recent revisions of Section 481 of the Irish tax code) for their investment in the production. The choice of locations within Ireland was up to the filmmakers, and they took many liberties, to make Dublin look like Boston, and make locations work with the idea of a journey across Ireland in the script. Why they did what they did, who knows? But they had to scrimp to make their Irish budget of €13 million last for the 5-month shoot, and to pay a crew of 150. The filmmakers also promised to hire 1,500 extras throughout the course of the shoot. Did you see that many extras? I sure didn’t.

  9. Thanks for this! And again for the list of places. It was nice to get confirmation on some of these, as I thought I recognized Connemara and Dun Aengus, among other places. I also wondered where the opening scene was; you mentioned the beach being in Co. Wicklow, but what of the road amid the rock walls? I wondered if that too was on Aran. Any thoughts?

    • As you know, there is no shortage of rock walls in Ireland! But as to which wee little road between rock walls they used in the film – well, there is just such a road on Inishmore, on the way to Bothar.

    • Joel OD

      Just returned from a trip to Ireland for 14 days….as I have seen Leap Year a few times on HBO. But never knew the cliff scenes where fron the Aran Islands..
      We rode bikes all around the island and walked to the top of the castle and looked over the cliffs… at least I can say I ‘ve been there !!
      July 31st 2001 until Aug16th 2011

      • Yes, and the images are burned into your memory and your heart too – to last a lifetime!

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  11. Jerry,

    Thank you for your very informative site on the filming locations of Leap Year. This movie has really captivated me, and like many others I wanted to find the real locations. I thought that Ballycarbery Castle was the one used (since it was mentioned in the movie), and I never would have guessed it was computer generated. Also, I was perplexed trying to figure out how they would travel from Wales to Dingle in a ferry, so I’m so glad to read your corrections. Nevertheless, I love the movie, have seen it several times and will buy the DVD when it comes out. The locations are so beautiful. Where was the location of that beautiful rocky river they walked by after leaving the bed and breakfast? It’s gorgeous!!

    Thanks again,
    Cindy Shirk
    cynsha on Twitter

    • Thanks Cindy,
      The bed-and-breakfast “inn” in “Leap Year” was actually a set, built inside an industrial warehouse located on Dublin’s north side. Exterior shots cut into that scene were shot mostly in County Wicklow.

      • That’s really sad to hear – just back from Wicklow but glad I didn’t know that the b & b never existed. Was so idyllic!

    • I have never been to Ireland. I loved the film and the wonderful scenery. At my age now, I doubt I will make the trip now. The illusion that the film gave over for a ‘foreigner’ was that you have a beautiful country and I am so glad that Matthew Goode and Amy Adams gave me a tour. The only complaint was Matthews accent!

  12. Thanks for your post. I was actually gonna post about this movie’s great locations. I thought some of the scene’s were too beautiful and I thought some of it must’ve computer generated. But I wouldn’t thought that they never actually filmed it in Ireland. What a shock!

    • Thanks for your note. Ireland is just so spectacular; there’s no need to fake it!

      • Agreed! Ireland is gorgeous and no need to fake anything!

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  14. Im Canadian. But dont worry, I dont believe everything I see in movies, even with location. Nevertheless, I did enjoy Leap Year and I really hope to come to Ireland someday…if Leap Year got anything right, it is how breathtakingly beautiful Ireland is. The part that confused me was..when she got dropped off on the beach…she walked up to the pub. Yet at the end of the movie, when she walks out of the pub, she runs down to…CLIFFS? Where does the beach fit in?? Is it at the bottom of the cliffs and she climbed up?? That’d make her REALLY desperate! Haha

    • I really think the same ways as you do.

  15. Please remember it is story-telling that dictates the direction a movie takes and LEAP YEAR is not a documentary. What a lovely job the location director did to the make believe. What a wonderful film.

    • Everybody agrees the locations are sensational. The plot could have benefited from a reality check.

      • The film wasn’t reality…it was a love story fantasy and how the producers choreographed locations benefited the story.
        The story and character is what drives a production. The locations were chosen perfectly for the romantic fantasy.

    • I agree, and I believe you have nailed why this movie has a devoted, if smaller than the filmmakers had hoped, audience of people who love it.

  16. Just watched the film this weekend on Verizon Fios’ On Demand. My wife and I vacation in Ireland regularly with our last trip being this past Christmas to Dublin (which by the way I share Declan’s initial opinion of!!!) and County Clare. We enjoyed the scenery but had numerous chuckles over the geographical gaffs.

    • Thanks Paul. Having lived in Dublin and Dun Laoghaire for a time, I know the area’s pluses and minuses, for sure! During our last visit, we rented a car as soon as we landed and did a “reverse trip” out of Dublin to the west coast of Ireland. I highly recommend this route! Heading west, no matter how far or fast you travel in Ireland, you know the best is always yet to come.

  17. I wonder if the weather is that nice in Ireland at the end of Febuary??! (as the story goes?)

    • Yikes, no! It’s not fit for man nor beast, as the poets say, in most of Ireland in February. It ain’t that great in April either, but the filmmakers did much of their exterior shots then anyway. That’s why in some shots the trees have not yet blossomed for spring. In summer, however, it is heaven on Earth (most of the time!).

  18. I just saw Leap Year & enjoyed it — fantasy yes, but fun. Since we were in Ireland this past Dec., it brought back memories. I knew some scenes weren’t consistent but you can’t hide Ireland’s beauty. We travelled by car from Shannon to Dingle to Dublin & back; a wonderful sight seeing trip in many areas most tourists don’t get to see. Enjoy the film and don’t take it so seriously.

    • Amy Adams & Ireland? What’s not to enjoy! Thanks!

  19. Thanks for posting this. Dingle is my favorite place on the face of this earth, so I was SO sad when it wasn’t actually Dingle in the movie. I had to pull out my computer and show my friend actual pictures from Dingle to show how gorgeous it really is. I hope to get back there someday…

    • Thanks so much for writing. I hope you’ll check out my other column on “The Real Dingle, not ‘Leap Year’ Dingle”. I see there are some great “Visit Ireland” travel packages being offered these days!

  20. I loved living in Dingle for 19 months, from 2003-2004. It’s hard enough to FIND the town from LAND, driving west – with the name changes on the road signs from Irish and back to English, starting in 2005. This film makes it really difficult for the town to be FOUND… to make any gains from losses the name changes may or may not have occurred. (There are those in the town who see the tourism as a blessing and a curse at the same time.)

    I just watched the DVD of “Leap Year”. Amy Adams’ character asks the boatman in Wales to go to Cork, which is really, really RETARDED (actual quote: “I PAID for CORK!”).

    If you really want to go from Wales to Dublin in a short time, you basically want to to AVOID GOING TO CORK. (Dublin’s a straight shot from Wales. Duh.)

    But that “shortcut to Dublin,” that – in the movie she thought was Cork – probably explains getting blown out – via a nasty storm – to a Dingle that I don’t feckin’ recognize as being Dingle.

    (But, as Jerry points out, that movie’s “short voyage from Wales to Dingle” – in that boat – storm or no – would’ve taken longer than a day, for sure.)

    ALSO: Amy Adams is stuck in Wales. I’m told she has to get to Dublin in a very, very short time. Then, we hear once she lands in Dingle, that it’s really the 27th, and she has two days to get to Dublin. I’m sure she could have caught a flight over two days from Cardiff to Dublin – so what is it, Amy – do we have two days or only one, to get to Dublin?

    But no, she wants CORK. GOOK WAY to cut time – NOT.

    From Dingle, we have options: it takes at least an hour and a bit to drive/take a bus to Tralee, and then ya catch a train from Tralee to Mallow (in Cork), change over to another train from Mallow to Dublin Heuston… then on another train to Dublin City Centre (five hours, all told, from Tralee to Dublin C.C.)…. or you can drive from Dingle to the Kerry Regional Airport in Farranfore, and catch a prop plane to Dublin Airport, and then ya catch a bus from the airport to O’Connell Street.

    It’s faster than walking from Dingle to… wherever – heck – it’s tough enough to walk from Dingle to Camp (uphill from Annascaul), which is halfway to Tralee.

    The shoes Amy Adams was wearing wouldn’t be called shoes anymore if she burnt rubber like “The Flash” to “Tipperary”, which isn’t at all an afternoon lark.

    • Thanks for writing, Chris. I’m envious that you got to live in Dingle for 19 months. What a paradise. The movie is fun to watch for Amy Adams, but the geography is a bit maddening to accept. Why not just make up names? Any Irish scenery is better than none, but the real Dingle, please.

  21. I’m surprised after read your explanation, Jerry. I’ve thought the film is made in Dingle. in fact, not. Anyway, I enjoyed watch the movie. Romantic, fun and beautiful scenes:) What a good combination! Makes me wanna go visit Ireland next year. And it will be long journey because I’ll traveling from Indonesia:P. but, If I could see beautiful scenery, I think it’s worth it. Can’t hardly wait:)

    • I’m certain you will love Ireland, and especially Dingle, Julia. Safe travels. Thank you for writing!

  22. Matthew Goode is fine…accent is a bit iffy at times, but can’t help wondering if Colin Farrell or Cillian Murphy weren’t available or thought this was a bit too oirish for an Irish person.

    • He does a good enough job with the role, but he was not the first choice of the movie’s producers. I believe he only got the role a matter of weeks prior to the start of shooting.

  23. Does anyone know where is that lake where they walk after Declan’s car ends up in the river?
    (around the 30th minutes)

    • Wasn’t that one of the lakes I mentioned up in Connemara?

  24. They mention Ballycarbery castle in the movie, and there’s a wikipedia page for it and everything. Sort of sad to know that that isn’t the one they really used.

    It was a great movie, so I decided to try and find the locations. This page helped a lot! Thanks!

    • I hope you are able to see them one day in person. They are magical! Thanks for your comment.

  25. I just rented this movie. I have never been to Ireland but something about that movie didn’t feel right. Glad to know that that the person who wrote the script hasn’t been to Ireland either nor bothered to look on the map. Hope to visit Ireland one day but will not use this movie as a reference. I can’t believe the fake castle?!! They couldn’t come up with anything better in the script by using real locations. Plus, the old Italian couple mugging down at the table. I have been to Italy and I just don’t think they would have acted like that. Cute movie with good actors but a very flimsy script.

    • People keep renting this movie. There’s something oddly appealing about it. I wish I had a share of the residuals!

  26. Is Declan’s pub just a set, or did they actually comandeer a real pub? Oddly enough, I rather enjoyed the exterior shots of that ramshackle place.

    • Apparently a real place on the Aran Islands. They probably had to work hard in the set construction department to make it look that ramshackle.

  27. Lads, lads…it’s a silly little romcom and entitled to take a few liberties with locations. I’m as Irish as bacon and cabbage and it added to the movie for me to be transported all over Ireland on this magical mystery tour. The other point is that all of these locations actually exist and the film makers did a fairly good job of showing them in a good light. The capture of the wonder of the upper lakeshore of Glendalough for the wedding and barfing scenes were lovely…really captured of this most beautiful and spiritual of places on our island. Surely the accent of the leading man warrants more scrutiny than the skewed geography. Top of the morning to ye all, to be sure! 🙂

  28. Ireland is beautiful and after watching this film and “P.S. I Love You”, I can’t wait to explore such a gorgeous place.

    I’m an American and don’t worry…we really don’t believe everything we see. When I pulled out a map to find Dingle…I laughed at the “trip” from Wales. But that fact did not ruin the story for me nor did it ruin my desire to see Ireland for myself. It happens to us on this side of the Atlantic as well.
    So when you think you are seeing a U.S. city or other location, it could have been filmed in Toronto;-).

    Thanks Jerry for the information. Now, I can find the many beautiful locations in the film and the real Dingle too.

    • Thank you for your comment. As silly as the geography in the movie is, compared to reality, the movie sort of serves a dual purpose of not only delighting you with what it does show you, but also inspiring you (and me) to look further into what it doesn’t.

  29. Ooops…I mean “An Daingean”

    • That’s close–how about Daingean Uí

  30. Is it possible that the scene where Anna gets off the boat and walks up to the pub, might have been filmed in Kilronan on Inishmore? I saw a picture of this town which looked like it might have been that area.

    • It’s possible, but the harbor at Kilronan is comparatively calm, and the coast along there seems to have narrower beaches than the one shown in the movie. It’s been a while since I saw the movie; maybe I should rent it and fresh up on the locations.

  31. I was in Ireland this last August, I visited Ballycarberry castle on the Ring of Kerry, it was one of my favorite days and got awesome pictures there

    • I’m so envious! Sounds like you had beautiful weather. Magical!

  32. Wow! I am very surprised to learn all the truths about the filming location! I am a movie buff so i enjoyed the movie thoroughly and i hope to visit Ireland one day. Thanks for telling me just exactly where i needed to go. if i relied on the movie for my information i would not have been very happy when i got there cause it would be different to what i saw!
    Thanks again!

    • Be careful, if you go to Ireland. It will be so beautiful, and you will love it so much, you may not want to go home.

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  34. Thank you Jerry for all your info on the locations shot in Leap Year. I’m from Montreal Canada and I’ve always been dying to see Ireland. I love the music and people and the accent!!!!! After seeing several movies shot in Ireland, such as Leap Year and Ps. I love you, and the gorgeous breathtaking views, i just had to go. I finally went mid october and the weather was stunning. I spent four days roaming around the west, Galway, ( aran islands) Clare,( doolin, cliffs of moher) Kerry ( gap of dunloe, torc waterfalls, ross castle ), Cork ( blarney castle), Dublin and Wicklow ( sally gap,wicklow gap, powerscourt gardens and waterfalls). You were right about never wanting to go home. I think i left my heart in Ireland. I will definitely have to go back. There is so much to see and so little time. As for the geography faux pas in the movie Leap Year… WHO CARES?? 99.9 percent of the people have no clue as to what is where in Ireland.. but EVERYONE just loved the scenery and all the gorgeous locations they threw into the movie. I wish they made more romantic movies in Ireland. It was my absolute favorite movie and i loved watching it again after having been to Ireland and was able to recognize some of the locations. Sara

    • Congratulations for getting out there and doing it, Sara! So many people just say, “Someday…” That day only comes when you make it happen. I had the privilege of living for a time in Ireland, and although I’ve roamed the world since then, I left a part of me in Ireland that will always draw me back for a visit, a hello to my mates, a pint, and a sunset.

  35. I finally realized my dream of a trip to ireland last May. Landed in Dublin then overland by bus to Doolin, then Dingle and flew to England out of Shannon. I was also amazed at the depiction of Dingle, a perfectly beautiful, charming, multiple pub, B&B town made miraculously closer to Wales than Cork and sporting outdoor wedding weather in February. Lately I’ve been playing my “Lumina” cd by Eoin Duignan purchased at the Small Bridge Pub in Dingle on one of the best music nights of my life. You said going to Ireland is risky as you may not want to leave. I left but I need to go back. Right now I’m planning my WINTER vacation there (if I can find an open B&B) during school break. I know it’s where I need to go, cold and all, because I almost wept while searching for flights. Movie people. Are you nuts? But at least they didn’t fake the scenery (except for the castle). I’ll tip a few Guinnesses for you all. BTW…that is ALL anyone drinks in Dingle or anywhere else far as I could tell.

    • Occasionally someone will order a Harp! Actually, Harp and Guinness is the unforgettable “black and tan” that you must try sometime. One of the Seven Worlds of Ireland. Oh, and I’d recommend a wee dram of Tullamore Dew on those cold winter nights. Ah Pat, I warned ya!

  36. BTW_ I think you said it was not mentioned where the train scene was. Actually, the train master said – on approaching his home with the two hapless travelers that-“it’s the prettiest B&B in Tipperary.” Or something like that. I’ll be looking to see if I can travel west from Dublin by train, although unlike in the States, buses in Ireland, even in the tiniest towns (like Doolin) arrive and depart ON TIME and the drivers have a tour guide’s repertoire of chat. And I’ll be sure to check out the Tullamore Dew.

    • I have a theory why no one has identified for us yet where is the “prettiest little B&B in Tipperary”. It’s like a leprechaun: It’s imaginary. They shot some exteriors someplace, and then built sets (in Dublin) for the interiors. They did this with Declan’s bar, for sure.

  37. Thanks so much for writing about this because as I watch the movie, some of the scenery seemed pretty glossy, lol. I major in mass media in college and I can’t just watch a movie to watch it, I look at every detail. Beautiful movie. Im embarrased to say how many times I’ve watched “Leap Year”, lol, but I can’t get enough of it! It resurrected a dream of mine that I’ve had for years. I have been needing to get away for some time and Ireland has been the place for me. You’ve visited before right? Where would you say are some hot spots to visit?

    • My favorite parts of Ireland are in the west: Galway, the Aran Islands, Cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry and of course the Dingle Peninsula. Cork and Wexford have the nicest weather, overall. Dublin is a wonderful and historic city, although scenery is not its strongest point. The Giant’s Causeway, in the north, is unforgettable – but the weather is dreadful there except for a few weeks in mid-summer.

      • Thanks so much, this was extremely helpful for my future visit. 🙂

  38. Thanks Jerry for everything. I’ve been dreaming about going to Ireland since I watch “the matchmaker” many years ago. Thanks to “Leap year” I’m planning to go this june or july to Ireland. Hopefully the weather will be fine! I want to visit all the locations are set in the film. Just few questions if you don’t mind:
    1 – I’ll fly from Majorca (Spain) to Dublin airport
    then to Wicklow and then to Aaran Islands….with no car, just buses and trains. How many days I need? Will be easy? Expensive?
    2 – It’s hard for a 31 years old spanish girl to travel alone? Are there suitcases robbers in every corner? ;-))
    3 – Does the pubs with rooms upstairs exists? How are they call? hostals? pensions?
    4 – What’s the name of the Dubliner park with swans at the end of the movie?
    Well, I think is everything!
    Thanks in advance!
    ps., I will probably go with my c.v. Hopefully I will find a job and I stay there for a long time!

    • Hola Susie!
      You are a lady with “true grit”! Good for you to visit Ireland. Some people only dream about such adventures. You are making it a reality. Buses and trains are very good from Dublin to all parts of Ireland. They are also very inexpensive. Taxis and rental cars are expensive, however. I think you should be safe traveling alone. Be careful in parts of some big cities, like Dublin, Limerick & Cork. This is true in any large city, I am sure. The pub in the movie is on the Aran Islands, but the inside of it was a movie set that was built in Dublin. There are pleasant places to stay on the Aran Islands. Galway is also very nice, and it is a good place to take the ferry to Galway, for take a bus tour of Connemara, where the scenes with the red Renault were shot. I hope you have a wonderful time. Please write to us here at Garrett on the Road with your experiences. My very best wishes!

      • So, 10 days will be enough? Last summer I went to Scotland. Spent 4 days in Edimburgh (3 are enough) and 1 day trip visiting Loch Ness and the Highlands by private company. I missed the experience of walking in to the forest, but it was my first journey on my own and I was pretty scared. Now I’m confidence to visit the Irish villages and paths. Unfortunately nowadays all the cities are very similar (mcdonals, hard rock, starbucks…)
        Thanks again, can’t wait till july!

  39. Thanks Jerry for everything. I want to fly to Ireland since I watched “the matchmaker” many years ago and now with “leap year” I’m planning , for real, to go on june or july. I just only have a few questions.
    1 – How many time I need to visit all the places are in the movie located? I have to cross all ireland!
    2 – It’s easy to go by bus or train? expensive?
    3 – I’m travelling on my’s dangerous? I mean, does the cell phones work at the cliffs? ;-))
    4 – Does the bars with rooms upstairs exists? Whats the name of them? b&b? pensions?
    5 – What’s the name of the Dubliner park where the swans are at the end of the movie?
    Thanks alot!

  40. The plot took a second seat for me behind the spectacular vistas. It whet my appetite to visit Ireland and see them all. Thank you for the information, now I will actually be able to FIND them!!

  41. Jerry, you seem to be a wealth of information about Ireland. Would you mind helping to recommend a few places that might be interested in having an acoustic guitar player from the US play a night or two? Also, please mention any “don’t miss” locations for a couple of people who have been dying to get to Ireland for years! And if you have any B&B recommendations I’m all ears! Please feel free to email me – THANKS! 🙂

    • Shannon – what a perfect name for a visitor to Ireland. I know this because my daughter’s named Shannon and we could (and did) have a lovely time in the country, just looking for things named Shannon. There’s the town of Shannon, near the old main airport (also named Shannon), the River Shannon, et cetera et cetera. We found a tiny little town, Labasheeda, along the Shannon River estuary and rented a house for a week. It was quintessential Ireland. But maybe a little too adventurous for some. We used that as a jumping-off point for exploring everything from Donegal in the north, to Cork in the south. You needed a car for that, however, as travel between towns in the west isn’t as easy when using public transportation. You can travel to anyplace in the west from Dublin via train, or very good buses. But the rail map is like a hand – travel from Dublin (the palm) to all the fingers on the hand (Galway, Tralee, Dingle, Cork, etc.) is easy; travel from fingertip to fingertip, if you will, is harder. Or is best done by car. All that blarney aside, if I were to land in Ireland again, and have only one place to head for…I would go back to the Dingle Peninsula and take the ring road until I found a sign for a B&B in a place so beautiful it would break my heart NOT to stop. And that would be the best place to stay in Ireland!

    • Shannon – I would add to my earlier reply that an acoustic guitar player might feel especially welcome in Galway. It has a lovely vibe.

      • Thank you! 🙂 I will make sure to check out all options. I think, after talking with you, I’m going to just buy the plane ticket, order the rental car, and fly by the seat of my pants for the rest of the trip! 🙂

  42. Welcome to world of cinema. If you are disappointed about “fake locations” I can assure you this is standard practice. I’ve spent the past few year watching Boston chopped up in chase scenes.

    I was too busy falling in love (yet again) with Amy Adams to even notice Wales to Dingle (doh!)

    Enjoy the scenery.

    • Ha, ha! You’re right. Boston gets decimated in the “Knight & Day” movie, doesn’t it? And Dublin is Boston in this one. Amy Adams’ personal charisma has made this one of the most beloved movies of the last year. And the critics trashed it. No accounting for some people’s tastes!

  43. I was wondering if this could really have been filmed around Feb? As the trees all have their leaves, the wedding is in a tent outside and it just looks too warm. I loved the story in the movie, don’t know Ireland, unfortunately, to know how real the locales are, but the weather disturbed me.

  44. I saw Leap Year News Years Eve. We had the pick of Leap Year and the Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise movie. I almost insisted on Leap Year. I didn’t know Amy Adams, but I just fell in love with her. She was beautiful, but seeming that she didn’t know it. I like the guy too. Sorry I don’t remember his name, I rarely rent a movie. I asked where is Ireland. I knew that my Dad had landed in Shannon in 1952 when his plane to Paris had a stopover for weather. I looked it up tonight and wondered, what was the name of the town. I came to this site to realize I wouldn’t have found the town on the west coast. Thanks everybody for the information. I’ll share it with my girlfriends. They may not know the facts behind the movie.

  45. […] Nie ma czegoś takiego jak „10 cudów Irlandii” co zostało wspomniane w filmie przy okazji rozmowy o zamku Ballycarbery. Jest natomiast „7 cudów natury Irlandii”. Chyba film jednak rozpowszechnił pomysł na „10 cudów Irlandii”. Na google w wersji irlandzkiej wystarczy wpisać jedynie „10 wo” i hasło „10 wonders of ireland” pojawia się na trzecim miejscu jako domyślana poszukiwana fraza. Dzięki temu trafiłam na stronę gdzie jest więcej ciekawostek na temat tego filmu – tutaj […]

  46. Jerry,
    I am surprised you didn’t recommend O’Connors pub in Doolin for the guitar player. My wife and I visited it on our honeymoon almost 30 years ago and were treated to an evening of first class music and craic. Greetings from the Bronx!

  47. We watched Leap Year last night and having been to beautiful Ireland in 2007, knew some of the locations were not quite right. Despite the geographic inconsistencies the movie was just plain good fun, and we had the good fortune to stay at a lovely B&B in Enniskerry (Ferndale), which is seen in the background of the bus/coffee shop shot. We recognized the traffic circle immediately, and it brought back fond memories of what our host termed a “mad dash” through Ireland – Dublin, Enniskerry, Kilkenny, Kinsale, Tralee, Doolin, Athlone, and Malahide – all in eight days. Ireland is truly a hauntingly beautiful country and the Cliffs of Moher can’t be missed. Thanks for this website – very interesting.

    • I appreciate your kinds words, and your visit here! I would love to be in on the residuals for this movie; more and more people watch it – & more than once, it seems!

  48. Got homesick from the movie, lived 5 years in Ireland… 😦

  49. hi all,
    Do you know where the wedding part was filmed, its so pretty me and my friends are hoping to visit in september this year, also going to try and see some of the scenes from PS I love you??? Thanks

    • At Upper Lake near Glendalough.

      • Oh, and thank you for solving the mystery of Declan’s Pub!

  50. Thanks for the great facts.. When my brother was dying from cancer last year I told him I would take some of his ashes to Ireland and spread them at “that” castle. So May 10th we will be heading to Ireland and a visit to what I now know is the Rock of Dunamase. I am ok with the fact that it was “dressed”up for the film. From the picture you posted it is still an amazing place. And even if I never get to Ireland again everytime I watch the show I will remember. And now because of all the comments on Dingle we will be spending a day or two there.

    • Thank you for your touching note. It should be lovely there that time of year.

      • Had a wonderful time in Ireland. Rock of Dunamase was like standing at the top of the world. 360 degree view, lovely. They should rename Dingle Peninsula, Death Peninsula scariest drive the whole two weeks we were in Ireland! Beautiful but would take a tour bus on that one way road disguised as a two way road. I even folded my mirror of my tiny rental car in because I thought those couple inches would make a difference. The area around Doolin was amazing. We will go back someday. Bray Ireland was a wonderul beach town!

      • The Dingle Peninsula drive is not for the faint of heart! But how rewarding the view! Thanks for checking in with us, and sharing your travel experience. I hope you stopped at Murphy’s for some ice cream!

  51. I really ENJOY this movie for what it was meant to be! ENTERTAINMENT!! Movies are meant to be entertaining and take you places that you can only dream of, we live reality everyday and should allow ourselves the pure enjoyment of a film without dissecting every part to the point that all the fun is gone and all we are left with is the boring mundane reality we live everyday! To really enjoy life you need to let your hair down and enjoy the ride real or make believe 😉

  52. It’s great that someone took all this time to type all of this info, but what does it really matter? It’s a movie. I live very close to Forks, where the Twilight stories are set, but why would we expect them to be shot here? Isn’t that the magic of shooting a movie in these times? Yes, it is.

  53. p.s. It was an adorable movie, let’s leave it at that.

    • Jerry,

      Thank you so much for the wealth of information on this page. I’m planning a trip to Ireland this summer to see some of the sites shown in the movie, and your site has the best and most accurate information I have found.


      (P.S. I’m still trying to find the location of Declan’s pub. Somewhere on Kilronan?)

      • Thanks Cindy. There are places on Kilronan that look like Declan’s. But it is a wee bit hard to tell, because I believe the filmmakers transformed a row of buildings housing something else into something that suited their concept of such a pub. If ya know what I mean. Virtually all of the interior scenes were shot in sets they created inside a warehouse in Dublin!

  54. “Signs” and “George Washington, the Forging of a Nation” were filmed near where I live. I learned then, that movies are all “smoke & mirrors”. “Leap Year” is a story of two people who fell in love, but nothing more. For anyone to think that films are ever real, is just plain silly. As far as the locations being different, I’m just glad it was filmed in Ireland at all. I saw a movie called “Water Horse” and thought is was filmed in Scotland, “NOT”. If anything, “Leap Year” showed me what a really “Beautiful Country Ireland” is. It also made me want to see more of the land of my Ancestors (The Real Dingle). So until then I will just be happy with what I can get, even if it’s “just” a movie.

  55. Thank you so much for all the information which you folks have posted here, and to Jerry Garrett for having the blog online in the first place. After seeing the movie “Leap Year” I was really curious as to where all of these scenic places in the film really are. I visited Dublin in 2009 for Arthur’s Day, but never made it to the western shore of Ireland. I did get out of Dublin to Howth and Rathfarnum but my trip wasn’t long enough to do as much as I wanted to, so now I have to go back! I’m planning a trip to Galway with my sister and am very excited to put some of these locations on my list of places to see. Thank you so very much!
    Melissa (from the “real” Boston, not the “fake” Dublin-Boston!)

    • Thank you for your kind comments, Melissa. I hope the weather in Galway is wonderful for you. It’s really quite enchanting there. Terrific views of the Aran Islands, on a clear day.. A delightful music scene. Shopping is great. If you like authentic Irish clothing, be sure to shop at O’Malley’s in the downtown promenade. The best sweaters and woolen goods I know of.

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  57. I don’t care what other people say about the locations, but I LOVE THE MOVIE. I bought a CD and I’ve watched it hundred times. It is very romantic and real. Amy Adams and Matthew Goode they are the perfect match — they portray the film beautifully. I wish they will make another film. All the sceneries are beautiful I love Ireland, wish one day i will visit the place. Beautiful country!!!

  58. Gorgeous scenery- I want to see it too! But my questions- What were the names of the characters in the legend? Is it really a legend? And what is the word Declan character uses near the end- and maybe elsewhere that appears to mean “you silly!”
    Thanks for this site- glad to see others who are also compelled to rewatch.

    • There are a few Irish conversational gems being tossed about. Gobshite is a favorite for me. It means a loud-mouthed person who talks a lot, but says nothing with any value – as in shite coming out of their gob. But Declan uses the Irish version of “idiot”, which is pronounced “ee-jit”. It’s usually said in more of a good-natured way than the English/American usage of it. I notice from the script that Declan also calls Anna “Squid” right before the big kiss at the end. I guess that must refer to their initial meeting, when she looked like a squid that had washed up on the beach.

    • That would be Fionn mac Cumhaill, Diarmuid Ua Duibhne and Gráinne. The myth is called Tóraigheacht Dhiarmada agus Ghráinne or in English, The Pursuit of Diarmuit and Gráinne.

      It can be read here:

  59. C’mon folks, it’s a movie, not a travel documentary. Americans watching this could care less about whether Dingle is accurately depicted, or any road, pub, or castle. The main point is that they will fall in love with not only the story, but also with the landscape, culture, aura, and people of Ireland itself, from Dublin to the sea in all directions. Which county, town, cliff, road, castle, hotel, or pub any of it happens in doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. That’s called Hollywood, so you might as well get used to it. Does it matter what city Citizen Kane was shot in?

  60. I love the movie, have seen it several times! After I returned from a vacation in Ireland in February of course I had to watch it again. Having stayed at Powerscourt in Enniskerry I recognized Poppie’s right away in the movie! During my stay in Ireland I was able to see a lot of the counry – it is even more beautiful than the movie portrays.

  61. Two weeks ago I was in Ireland and visited Inishmore, amongst other wonderful places. Entirely by chance I watched the movie last night with my girlfriend (whom I had bought a romantic claddagh ring in Galway) and was taken aback to recognise the cliffs at Dun Aengus. I saw no mention of it in the end-titles, so I looked for further location information on the web and found this charming web site. Thanks for setting my mind to rest about the geographical liberties taken in the film.

    • Thanks A.J., for taking the time to write, and for your kind words. What a majestic sight those cliffs are!

  62. Folks, this film wasn’t meant to be a travelogue or study of Ireland, it’s people and their environs. It was a cutesy chick-flick purportedly set in eire. Seriously, do any of you REALLY think Hollywood has a clue? Really?
    It was an enjoyable, predictable, FICTITIOUS, romantic little comedy.
    And that is ALL it is, or ever will be….

  63. Hi Jerry,

    My husband and I finally took our long anticipated trip to Ireland last month, and visited a LOT of the sites seen in the movie. We sat in the bench in front of Poppies in Enniskerry (and ate there too!), sat on the beach at Upper Lake in Wicklow where Anna upchucked on Declan’s shoes, explored the wonderful ruins at the Rock of Dunamase, and took lots of pictures of the cliffs next to Dún Aonghasa where Declan proposed to Anna. A very big surprise was that we ate at Lynham’s Pub in Laragh, knowing that the crew had hung out there from what I read here, but when we got home and watched the video again I instantly recognized the inside of the pub in the Dublin scene (with Declan’s old fiancé) was actually Lynham’s!! We had sat at one of the tables shown in the shot and didn’t even know it at the time! We also got to see much of Ireland that wasn’t in the movie, such as Bray, Glendalough, Kilkenny, Waterford, Lismore, Tralee, Slea Head Drive, Cliffs of Moher, and Galway.

    I want to thank you for all the great information, suggestions and insight you gave all of us on this site. Thank you, thank you!! Ireland is the most beautiful place I have ever been to, and I truly miss it and want so much to go back again.

    Despite the geographical errors in the movie, they nevertheless captured the magnificent beauty of this wonderful country and it’s culture, as well as a very sweet story. The real Dingle was awesome and very charming, and biking on Inis Mór was so much fun I wanted to stay an extra day just on that island.

    I’m a music teacher, so I bought and bodhran and pennywhistle in Galway and will learn to play at least one of them. It may be a while before I get back there, but I will always cherish the memories for now. Cheers!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, and your wonderful report. Kudos to you for making it happen, and actually going. Too many people just wistfully say, “Someday…” Time slips away, and “someday” never comes. You’ve done it! And made memories that will last a lifetime, I’m sure!

  64. Have been watching Leap Year on MAX and love it, plan to buy the Dvd. Thanks for your posting of locations, cleared up a lot of questions I had. I have had the opportunity to spend from 3 to 4 weeks many times in the village of Cong and felt that many of the scenes were filmed close to there, especially in the Connemara area. Like many who have posted my heart is torn between Ireland and the States, can’t wait to get back to Ireland, just after coming home. Thanks again,

    • Walking through Cong, I feel like at any moment the scene will change to black and white, and John Wayne will coming striding down the road looking for Victor McLaglen.

      • I agree, it is a magical place and everywhere you go there is a remembrance of The Quiet Man film. It seems to not have changed much over the many years.

  65. Boy are they….you also said the bar seen was filmed on the Aran Islands. Was it the American Bar ?????

    Joel OD

    • Exteriors may have been filmed there, but interiors were done at the same pub at Upper Glendalough that the wedding scene was filmed at.

  66. Hey i completly agree with you although i dont live in ireland i have friends there and have recently visited i webt to many of the places listed simply breathtaking

  67. Thank you so much for this post. Dingle looks like a great city on google maps. 🙂
    You might have answer this question in your post above, but was that a set for Declan’s pub or is that a real city (obviously not Dingle) in Ireland somewhere? Thanks.

    • A commenter here says Declan’s pub interiors were the same place where the wedding scenes were shot, at upper Glendalough Lake. The exterior was on one of the Aran Islands.

  68. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually recognize what you’re talking about! Bookmarked. Kindly also discuss with my site =). We may have a hyperlink trade arrangement among us

  69. I really enjoy and love this movie; I don’t care if the geography is off, the feel of the places are real and that’s what matters. The two young people were lovable and exhibited sweet romantic feelings. It is a feel good movie and takes a person to a beautiful make believe world.

    • That would certainly explain its enduring appeal!

  70. Thanks SO much for the info about Ireland, both from Jerry, as well as all of the added comments! 🙂

    I’ve never heard of this movie but just watched it on TV…loved the scenery over the plot which was okay. It was a great movie to stumble upon though since I plan on moving to Ireland from Canada.

    I’m planning a trip there this September for the first time and to check out sites and possible locations where I’d like to settle. So I was wondering if anyone has any good suggestions?

    What I’m looking for is a more rustic, smaller seaside village (preferably not a major tourist site)…currently live in Vancouver and just feel like a change to escape the city life. Travel wouldn’t be an issue since I’ll be buying a car and work location is also not a concern of mine since I can work from anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

    • “I can work from anywhere as long as I have an Internet connection”. Wow! I wrote those same words 20 years ago, and haven’t looked the rearview mirror once since then! Great attitude! I’d pick someplace in Ireland on the Kerry or Dingle peninsulas, or even a bit farther south, as the weather is more interesting.

    • If your looking for a small town on the sea look at greystones in wicklow (not rustic like the ones in the film but is a smaller family town with little cafe’s and a long coast line to walk along) about a 10 min drive in to the mountains to be up to all that scenery.

      Its also on the Dart line (metro) that if you fancy heading into Dublin city centre its only 20-30mins. As you stated you didnt want a tourist place there is no hotel in it one or two small B&B’s but only get the odd few tourists out and around

      • Thank you so much for the great info Jerry and Nial!! 🙂 I’m going there pretty aimlessly other than online research and Google Earth but getting first hand advice from those who have been or live there is much more solid to me. Thanks again, I really appreciate the guidance!

  71. People are always asking about this movie and locations, hope this helps,,,,,,,,,
    maybe we should look at a irish movie locations tour ,what you think ?????

  72. […] If you would like to read a whole blog post ranting about the locations used in Leap Year, check out this one. Very interesting. I can only recommend to come over here and visit the Garden of Ireland (what […]

  73. Hi Jerry, sorry for my little english. I’m italian and I’m looking for location of Leap Year movies because I love this film and this summer I’ll go in Ireland. Today I read your site! Thanks for the information: it’s time I try to discover the castle in the movie and the place of the final scene. I’ll go in Ireland by plane to Cork and then I’ll go to Dublin with a car. Bye

    • Stefano…I always wondered where Italians go on vacanze! You already live in Heaven! But Ireland is also magical! Buon viaggio!

  74. This post is rather ridiculos… There aren’t too many movies that actually follow the story line to the actual places they shot. Notting Hill is probably the closest exception.
    With this mindset of “0ver criticing” you probably hate Star Wars, Men in Black, etc.

    • Having never visited any of the outer galaxies yet, I don’t know whether the locations in Star Wars were actual or not.

      • great reply jerry. visited ireland during st. paddy’s in 2005 with my husband. went on the ring of kerry tour and unfortunately wasnt impressed as the weather wasnt at its best. we did enjoy the day trip to belfast and the informative black cab tours of the belfast murals.
        we are going back with our 2 sons so they can appreciate their irish heritage. this time we plan to see the cliffs of moher and the burrens on 1 day, and the giants causeway and either belfast or derry on another day. do you have a tour operator that you would recommend for those day tours?

      • You might try Ireland’s Shannon Region’s page on Facebook to get acquainted with what’s available there, or look up the resources on
        One thing: If you can, visit the Cliffs of Moher on a sunny day. The weather there can be epic – epic bad on stormy days. We were lucky to catch about a 30-minute hole in the clouds when we went. Otherwise, the rain was blowin’ vertical, and so hard we couldn’t open the car door to get out.
        A couple of tour companies advertise day trips from Dublin to Belfast, but in my experience it would be better to contact someone in Belfast directly through their tourism board. Nobody knows Belfast like the locals. I was told once, “If anyone in Dublin had the ability to understand Belfast at all, we wouldn’t have had 400 years of war.”

  75. Watched the DVD yesterday, thank you for all the postings where the actual film locations are. My husband and I knew it wasn’t Dingle from the start having visited there 9 years ago but were intrigued as to the locations used for filming.

  76. just watched the movie last two days ago. i really adore the scenery in this movie. i plan to visit scotland and ireland when i finish my phd. i know scotland through movie, same as ireland. if i not watch that movie may be i don’t know this scenery exist in this world. can’t wait to see the heaven.

  77. Have recently discovered this movie and love Amy Adams and Mathew Goode they did a fantastic job!. The scenery – beyond breathtaking and it only serves to further my desire to see Ireland. I live in Stephen King land and there are countless parts of Maine that have been “relocated” to fit his stories-not to mention other films and tv shows that have been shot here.
    And as others have mentioned this is an excellent rom/com and we all need one of these once in a while.

    • I appreciate your comments! Thanks for writing in.

    • Hey Michele……

      My dad grew up in Portland, Maine . GO IRISH !!

  78. I think everyone has covered anything new I could say on this topic, but having spent six weeks in Cork with side trips to Dingle, my first thought was, “How did they get there?” Nice job of it.

  79. I thought the movie great. Of course having been in England and loving geography I knew there was no way the Wales to Dingle thing was happening. Most Americans never would know either. But having been an extra in movieland also teaches you, say it:: “It’s a movie, it’s not real.” They do what they like. Even with the truth! But the beauty of Ireland presented was glorious and drove me to scour the internet for pictures and stories, music, and B&B’s. I’ve even signed up to study Gaelic! I have many ancestors from Ireland and so have joined to get a more complete picture of their backgrounds. I have visited many countries and am well satisfied…except for never having visited the Emerald Isle. It is the only overseas destination I still long to see. Money is being saved towards that end as I write.

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  81. Really enjoyed all the info on the movie “Leap Year”. I have been to Ireland a half dozen times as Mam was from county Galway (Owermore), close to Headford. And yes, Hollywood can sure mess with the mind about location. Not to worry, Ireland is Ireland.One just has to pack a bag and make the trip.All the best!

  82. Thanks for this! I was so excited to watch this movie when it first came out. My family is from the Dingle Peninsula, some near the “Three Sisters” in the picture above. When I watched this film I was so disappointed!

    Quick note, Far and Away was filmed on family land in Ventry on the Dingle Peninsula and a cousin built the rock house that was burned. There is no more beautiful place than the Dingle Peninsula.

  83. The Aran island scenes were shot in April. As the film revolved around the last day of February one scene was ruined when the cuckoo called loudly in the background. “The cuckoo comes in April etc etc

    • went to the Aran Islands two years ago….. rode bikes around the whole Island, walked up to the castle and finished with an adult beverage at the AMERICAN BAR !!

      Great times !

      Joel F. O’Donnell from San Diego, CA USA

      • Never a bad time in Ireland. Wet times? Maybe. Bad? Ne’er!

      • That is for sure…….

  84. where was his restaurant and hotel located in the movie ???

    • On the Aran Islands. The exteriors, anyway. The interiors were shot on sets in a warehouse in Dublin.

  85. Hi Jerry

    Heading to your beautiful country myself in Sept, so watched the movie for a look see. Impressive. Have read most of this blog, so have a lot of ideas of where to go…hadn’t a clue prior to my read!
    Just one question, if you happen to know the answer, what park are they in toward the end of the movie? The two leads are on a gorgeous bridge and it reminded me a little of Bow Bridge in Central Park NYC.
    A lot of the countryside also reminds me of south eastern parts of Victoria, in Australia, where I’m from, so I’m sure I’ll love it.
    Look forward to hearing back and thanks for giving everyone such great responses, therefore helping future travelers like me deciding where to go and what to see.

    • Hi Tania,
      I might have to go back and re-watch the movie for an exact answer to that one. But I’m pretty sure it’s in Dublin, if that helps. If I can figure out a better answer, I will add to this response. Meanwhile, thanks for taking the time to write and add your kind words. I’m sure you will love Ireland too!

      • Thanks Jerry. Yes I believe it is Dublin, just had wondered where. Not to worry; I might just stumble upon it whilst travelling around. Thanks again.

    • The park at the end is St. Stephen’s Green. The sunny day may be a bit of movie magic, as I hardly ever remember it being that nice when I lived in Dublin.

      • Ach, it only rained 357 days that year. 😉

  86. Thanks for posting this awesome read. I had no idea about these myths, great film though!

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  88. I love Leap Year, bought the dvd in bluray and has been watching it for God knows how many times 🙂 I’m so fascinated with what Ireland is in store for me and my husband when we come visit next year. I live in England and so can’t wait! Been to Belfast, County Antrim and The Giant’s Causeway which was incredible. But i’m sure Dublin and the Aran Islands especially Don Aengus will be more breathtaking! Many thanks Jerry for the list of places to explore. And by the way..i adore Matthew Goode 🙂

    • Thank you! My list of suggestions is just a starting point. I’m certain once you go, you will find places that are so special to you…that are not in any guide book. Ireland is like a many-faceted emerald that sparkles with a special hue every way you turn it!

      • We are in Dublin! Arrived today and already adore the city in half a day. More discovering of fair Dublin in a few days. What i’m thrilled about are our countryside trips. We are off to see the Cliffs of Moher excited! Starting point of the trip is Kinvara, Corcomroe Abbey, Wild Atlantic Way along the shores of Galway Bay then into Burren and Doolin, end point stop by Bunratty Castle as well. Tuesday will be the exploring of Glendalough, the Wicklow Mountains and Kilkenny. Would love to visit Galway and the Aran islands as well so watch this space.. 🙂

      • Please keep us up to date on your travels! Kudos to you for making it happen…! Wow. What a trip is ahead for you.

  89. […] Ai eu tive a brilhante idéia “vou procurar de novo sobre o castelo”..achei um post este aqui, sobre os 10 mitos do filme. Um deles era sobre o castelo, que na verdade o nome realmente existe, […]

  90. […] saya ke Google untuk mengetik “leap year filming location” dan sampailah saya ke website ini. Kalo buka situsnya, disana ada 1 foto dengan caption “The real “Dingle” – the famously […]

  91. In my opinión, the castle they explore (“Mith nr. 8”) this scene was shot in DUNLUCE Castle (ruins) in the north coast.
    (Sorry, i could not read all comments)

  92. It looks like it is a must to watch this film before going to Ireland. Funny, because I had already organised the trip before and it matches with not few places you mention in your post. We will be a whole week near Carlow, in the middle of the Irish pampa, and I’m all anticipation. We live in Barcelona, a small big city, but big city at last, and I’m needing already some nature and some green! I’m sure I’ll get as much as I need in Ireland! I just hope the weather lets us time to enjoy everything!

    • I always wondered where people who live in Barcelona could possibly want to go on vacation…because it seems like you already have the best of everything there. But Ireland is an excellent choice! Enjoy.

      • That’s a nice remark, thank you!

        Greetings from the indeed wonderful, though not exactly peaceful Barcelona,


  93. […] Ten Myths About the Filming Locations in “Leap Year …2010. 1. 10. – Leap Year”, the 2010 comedy with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, … The train shots, pub shots and Irish wedding in the movie were filmed in … […]

  94. […] Ten Myths About the Filming Locations in “Leap Year …Jan 10, 2010 – Leap Year”, the 2010 comedy with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, … I was initially delighted just to experience Ireland again in the movie, … […]

  95. […] Ten Myths About the Filming Locations in “Leap Year …Jan 10, 2010 – Leap Year”, the 2010 comedy with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, … I was initially delighted just to experience Ireland again in the movie, … […]

  96. Whatever, wherever, it was all lovely. I’m addicted to the scenery in this film, and that includes Matthew Good’s face, so I watch it every time it’s on cable.


  97. Great movie and very lovely..Great story and great scenes.

  98. Wow. I never thought that some filming locations of the movie were not taken on their real place. It was really genuine! They did a great job on setting up locations that is not on the actual place. Thank you for this very informative blog. I must add that the movie is one of the best!

  99. The real Ballycarbery castle is my favourite Irish castle, but it looks very different from the one in the film. I visited it for the first time when I was twelve and I keep going back to it. It’s not far from the real Dingle, but clearly not on the way to Dublin. I was as shocked by the geographical insanity of ‘Leap Year’ as anyone else was, still it made me want to go buy a ticket. The rural romance of no cars and no tourists depicted could however be a rare experience these days ( though maybe not in February…)

    • The neat thing is that if you really wanted to find that Ireland, regardless of the cocked-up place names, you could!

  100. Loved the movie for its scenery

  101. Oh man i was so wrong about the locations..thanks a million jerry for the real locations,the info has been really valuable to me coz i rly want to vist that place infact m thinkin of moving to dingle in future, such an outstanding beauty no doubt y its my fave movie..tnxx again for the info jerry i was having a lot of trouble locating these places…

  102. I liked the movie–regardless of what the critics say. I also know that many movies–no matter where they originate–use places that are not what or where they say they are. This is just plain literary, and filmography licensure. Who cares! It made me look up the real sites and look closer at Ireland. I would not have looked otherwise, even though I have a son-in-law from Letterkenny, Ireland. Ireland is a beautiful, mysterious Island with lots of rich history and it was the perfect setting for the movie Leap Year which was very relaxing and to me funny.

    • The movie has enduring fans because its heart is as warm as Ireland’s own. Geography is a bit pixylated

  103. I will be visiting Ireland with 2 of my best friends in March next year. We aim to travel all over Ireland in a car. Just the 3 woman. I laughed out laud in the beginning when the guy in the bar guessed she was from South Africa. We are from south Africa and I was glad to see that they did not make the mistake so many make to think that woman from South Africa are all black. We cant wait to see the country and all it’s wonders. This movie was really good and I loved it. Cant wait to explore all the places and get to experience Ireland for ourselves.

    • Warning: You will be ruined for “normal life” after Ireland.

  104. hi all – the scene near the lakes where Amy had her bag stolen was not Doo Lough – lovely as it is. It’s in Mayo, the road between Leenane and Louisburgh and is heaven on earth. Link to street view in google maps :

  105. Loved the movie Leap Year. It’s feel good entertainment with beautiful scenery and music. I watched it so much, I thought Netflix might cut me off, so I purchased the DVD. Also got the audio music CD. Would now love to go to Ireland, even if Declan’s pub does not exist. .

    • It is very bit as unforgettable in person as it is on film.

    • Here, here….

    • There is a pub called the Carragh but it of course doesn’t look the way it does in the movie. I will take one Declan O’Callaghan though!

  106. People have so much to say about where this movie was filmed its a beautiful love story with Irish dreams I love the movie

    • I love it too Debbie, despite knowing that they truly didn’t film in Dingle at all. Thanks for posting that comment on my birthday! “December 11th”

  107. I think everybody has to sit back and relax, and keep in mind that most moviemakers and script writers absolutely must jump on the opportunity to use a town named Dingle in their movie. Few names are more interesting. It’s a funny word, plain and simple. So is Tipperary. It doesn’t matter where they really are, or how far apart. They’re not trying to fool anyone, they’re just entertaining people 🙂

  108. Going to Ireland in July 2016. Traveling to Dublin and the south of Ireland. Don’t have too many days to spend there but I do want to go to either the Ring of Kerry or the Dingle peninsula. Can’t decide between the two. Any help would be appreciated.

    • Ring of Kerry is a little longer, and farther away from Dublin (but not by much). Either is sublimely beautiful. You can’t miss, whichever one you pick.

    • No comparison. Visit Dingle and be sure to take the Conor Pass to and fro.

    • Dingle is much more scenic (take the Conor Pass) and is a great town to explore and grab some seafood. However you are going in July and you might find it infested with tourists. I was there in 1983 before it was “discovered” and had a great time. Truth be told, I found the Ring very disappointing.

      • Agreed. Go to Dingle and take the Slea Head scenic drive. It is more beautiful than the Ring of Kerry and does not take as much time to complete.

        Do stop at the Blasket Centre and catch the beehive huts (Fahan Group are my favorite) along Slea Head if you go.

      • Slea Head simply must be on your bucket list. Pray for sunshine!

      • My heart lives on Slea Head even though I reside in Washington State, USA. My great grandparents both moved to Springfield, MA from Coumeenole and Ballincolla (near Ceann Sibeal). The first time I stood on Coumeenole Strand, I felt completely at home.

        The Fahan group of beehives sit on my cousin Maura’s land in Ventry. Sadly she passed last fall but her son is, I am sure, taking care of the huts.

  109. […] Ai eu tive a brilhante idéia “vou procurar de novo sobre o castelo”..achei um post este aqui, sobre os 10 mitos do filme. Um deles era sobre o castelo, que na verdade o nome realmente existe, […]

  110. […] a gostar do ritmo e das superstições dos condados irlandeses. O filme é cheio de distorções geográficas e culturais, não pode ser levado a sério, mas serve para sonhar com a […]

  111. All these facts were blatantly obvious if You’ve ever visited Ireland. But the sweetness of the movie was still enjoyable.

    • Agree. But if you saw this movie and said, “I’ve never been there, but now I’ve got to go and see all these places” you might get a bit confused!

  112. Omg it was just a moive what’s with all the knocking of where it was filmed. I lived it. Dr onl care where they film as long it is in Ireland any places….

  113. I’m quite disappointed. I love the film leap year and watching it inspired me to research Ireland and all of its towns/county’s. I for sure thought the film was honouring Dingle and ACTUALLY filming there but after viewing your article I see now that the filmmakers did not even step foot in Dingle. I will have to visit Ireland on my own volition and see for myself what your entire country has to offer. I liked the movie because of the “love story” aspect of it all. Many inconsistencies but Declan and Anna were captivating.

    Thanks anyways.

  114. It is a bit off-putting when you see your geography mentioned in a movie and discover it was pretend. I saw the island i grew up on in Washington featured in a Hallmark Movie – it ended up a location in Canada. But, if the story line is charming, hopefully it’ll make up for the geographical abuses. So, always kiss like it’s the first time – and the last time…and throw them in the wash, they’ll be grand 🙂

    • I like how the movie has become a leap year tradition. Maybe my blog will get another burst of readers in 2024!

  115. I saw the movie when it first came out. Then, in 2016 when my husband and I retired we took our retirement trip to Ireland. It was beautiful! We went in November and had lovely weather. Like all movies, Leap Year is a fantasy! but enjoyable. Thanks for the article, again its interesting. BTW , we went by the quarry where they were filming Game of Thrones. Although they had it blocked you could see the White Wall…. it was just a small cliff painted white!

    • The wonderful folks at the Irish Tourist Board (hope that’s the correct nomenclature) have offered to put together a “Leap Year” Travel Guide. I should take them up on it. It would be a fun route to follow.

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